A Social Skills Program for Adolescents
Additional Leader's Guide
Pages: 184
ISBN: 9780878223664
Item Number: 4863


Leader’s Guide only:

ASSET: A Social Skills Program for Adolescents. Leader’s Guide with program materials.

Section One—Training Manual

  1. Putting the Program in Perspective
  2. Starting the Group
  3. Teaching the Skills
  4. Using Group Leader Skills
  5. Conducting Group Meetings
  6. Making Group Rules and Handling Problem Behaviors
  7. Maintaining the Skills and Ending the Program
  8. Evaluating the Program

Reading List


Section Two—Quick-Reference Guides

  1. Giving Positive Feedback
  2. Giving Negative Feedback
  3. Accepting Negative Feedback
  4. Resisting Peer Pressure
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Negotiation
  7. Following Instructions
  8. Conversation
  9. Review—Final Meeting

Section Three—Appendix

  • Skill Sheets
  • Home Notes
  • Criterion Checklists
  • Pre- and Post-Training Checklists
  • Pre- and Post-Training Parent Questionnaire
  • Pre- and Post-Training Participant Questionnaire
  • Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • Participant Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • Referral Source Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • Group Leader Checklist
  • Parent Consent Form
  • Participant Consent Form
  • Sample Parent Letter
  • Sample Telephone Conversation with Parents
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