Adolescent Career Development

Classroom, Group, and Individual Guidance Activities
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781930572379
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Features 73 activities that combine relevant social skills and career goals designed to help students begin the career decision-making process.

The activities promote students’ self-determination skills, enabling them to communicate more effectively, to take initiative, and to use problem-solving strategies to make better decisions about their future. Each section of the curriculum includes a pre/post test.

Can be used individually or in groups to help students explore their interests, skills, and postsecondary goals.

Unit I – You are Unique

  1. Who Are You?
  2. Where are You Going?
  3. Preparing Yourself for a Journey
  4. You Have Strengths

Unit II – You Have Interests

  1. Your Interests
  2. Comparing Your Interests to Others
  3. Which People Interest You?
  4. Understanding Your Interests
  5. Marketing Your Interests
  6. Telling Others About Your Interests

Unit III – Your Career Interests

  1. Jobs that Meet My Interests
  2. Careers that Meet My Values
  3. Careers that Meet My Interests
  4. Your Career Perceptions
  5. Work World Success
  6. Characteristics that Work for You

Unit IV – You Have Skills

  1. Skills in Career Research
  2. Career Vision
  3. Identify Your Skills
  4. Looking Good for an Interview
  5. Think About an Interview
  6. Interview Process
  7. Interview Skills
  8. Matching Skills to Occupational Interests
  9. The Right Match: You and Your Occupations
  10. Sharpening Your Listening Skills
  11. What Kind of Listener are You?

Unit V – Communication Empowers You

  1. Asking the Right Questions
  2. Communicating Your Dreams for the Future
  3. Positive Interaction with Peers
  4. Your Role in the Group
  5. Positive Interaction with Adults
  6. The Language of Compromise
  7. Decoding Nonverbal Messages
  8. Interpreting Nonverbal Messages
  9. Presentation Counts

Unit VI – The Power of Goals

  1. Attendance and School Commitment
  2. Attendance: Mandatory or Voluntary
  3. Follow Your Goals
  4. Group Roles and Goals
  5. Prioritizing Your Goals
  6. There are Always Distractions to Your Goals
  7. Assessing Your Goals
  8. Goals for Now and the Future
  9. Time Management Is Important
  10. Financing Your Educational Goals
  11. Financing Your Career Goals

Unit VII – An Educated Future

  1. Parents Can Help
  2. Why Have Rules?
  3. Rules of School and Work
  4. Meeting Your Goals through Course Work
  5. Preparation through Coursework
  6. Education Provides Favorable Opportunities
  7. Education Leads to Career Goals
  8. Information for Better Choices
  9. Determined to Find Out
  10. The Course for Your Future

Unit VIII – The Journey Ahead

  1. Interactions Enhance Your Future
  2. Experiences Enhance Your Future
  3. Budgeting for the Future
  4. What Do You Need for Your Future?
  5. Investigating a New Community
  6. Investigating a New Career
  7. Messages for the Journey Ahead
  8. Integrating Your Career Plan into Life’s Journey
  9. Alternative Career Plans
  10. Career “Plan B”
  11. Forward to the Future
  12. Assessing Your Future Work World
  13. Classroom Ethics for Now and the Future
  14. Analogies to Think About the Future
  15. Getting to Know My Own Community
  16. Opportunities in My Community
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