101 Do's, Don'ts & Double Don'ts on Texting

A Practical Handbook to Help You Teach Young People to Become Text-Wise
Grades 4-12
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781598500936
Item Number: 8518


For better or worse, texting has now become a primary mode of
communication for young people. As with other new technologies, texting
brings new wonderful opportunities for increased ease of communication and
social networking. Unfortunately texting also brings with it a dark side, filled
with many inherent dangers. Texting has sometimes been used in very cruel
ways to inflict social/emotional pain on others. Texting in conjunction with
cyber-networking has opened up a whole new social world to young people
that unfortunately provides many opportunities for abuse.

When young people use texting in inappropriate ways, seemingly
insignificant events can quickly snowball into critical challenges that can have
a profound negative impact on the classroom, the school and the community.
These situations can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on young
peoples’ academic, social and emotional wellbeing. And how students deal
with these experiences can ultimately lead to increased academic failure, to
social/emotional harm, violence and even to the loss of young lives.

Before writing this book, the authors interviewed hundreds of people of
all ages about texting. As a result, important information was revealed that
was sometimes quite surprising and revealing. Based on this investigation, the
authors decided to develop a practical book that could be used by adults to
help educate young people about how to deal with the good, the bad and the
ugly sides of the world of texting that they are experiencing.

How to Use This Book

This book can be used for a classroom discussion on the topic of texting,
an individual student or adult who needs to learn the difference between
positive texting and dangerous texting, or for anyone who needs to learn all
about the good, the bad and the ugly of texting. The authors provide real-life
stories about texting and an easy-to-follow thumbs up/thumbs down &
double thumbs-down for a comprehensive list of texting behaviors and
situations. It also provides periodic follow up discussion questions to help
engage students in a conversation about each specific texting topic. This
book also includes some guides and alerts to pass on to parents.

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