Prepare Implementation Guides (set of four books)

Research Press Presents Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guides for Problem-Solving Training and Social Perception Training

September 23, 2013—Research Press Publishers is excited to announce publication of the first two Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guides, intended to further Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein’s seminal work, The Prepare Curriculum: Teaching Prosocial Competencies. In conjunction with Dr. Goldstein’s Prepare Curriculum, the guides, Problem-Solving Training and Social Perception Training, describe and give direction to the continued expansion of Prepare methods, offering practitioners coherent, evidence-based approaches for enhancing the social, emotional, and decision-making abilities of adolescents and younger children.

“Arnie realized that if we are to meet the needs of those we serve, strategies need to be prescriptive in nature. . . . Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guide[s] [provide] practitioners with a practical outline for implementing these strategies, in a user friendly, evidence-based manner. In this spirit, those of us who follow in the footsteps of Arnold Goldstein continue the search for methods that create deep learning and enduring change.”

—Larry K. Brendtro, PhD, Starr Commonwealth Institute for Training

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