Research Press Delivers Creative Arts Interventions with Counseling Outside the Lines

August 8, 2013—Research Press Publishers is excited to announce the arrival of Counseling Outside the Lines, an innovative new title focusing on proven adaptive and creative approaches to counseling younger clients. This book provides the professional counselor with a variety of ways to expand strategies toward interventions when dealing with children and adolescents.

Utilizing games, music, visual arts, expressive writing, literature and drama, and an assortment of experiential interventions, Counseling Outside the Lines delivers an effective resource to counselors allowing them to positively impact those they serve. Included with this title are over 80 interventions for 3 development levels and over 75 useful forms and handouts created for children and adolescents from diverse cultures. Each intervention allows young clients to gain skills, develop insights, and suggest actions that assist them in solving problems such as handling stress, valuing themselves, and building resilience and coping mechanisms.

“Using the activity-based interventions contained within Counseling Outside the Lines counselors are able to connect with their clients on an entirely new level.”
—Judy Parkinson, president of Research Press Publishers

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