What Boys Do

Pages: 32
ISBN: 9781433836794
Item Number: 8681

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What exactly do boys do? The answer is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

From eating to dreaming, making mistakes to exploring, to hurting and loving, there is more to being a boy than meets the eye.

In this fun, affirming book that holds no restraints to traditional norms about what it means to be a boy, readers will rejoice at all of the possibilities.

Book Review

“Celebrates boyhood and encourages boys to embrace all the many things that make them each unique. Readers will meet boys who love to create, explore, try new things, ask questions, share feelings, team-up with others, pursue dreams and do things they’ve never tried. The rhyming is exceptional, with each sequence ending in a question to readers. What a clever way to encourage discussion …This is definitely a read aloud.”

—Children’s Books Heal

“The tone and intent of this title aimed at boys may be useful in a counseling environment, with the questions stimulating discussion…”

—School Library Journal

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