Unstuck and On Target!

Game Board & Posters
ISBN: 9781681253008
Item Number: 8622


These game boards and colorful posters are for use with lessons in the Unstuck and On Target! curriculum, which teaches flexibility and goal setting to students ages 8–11 with executive function challenges.

Perfect for teachers who want to use the lessons with their whole class instead of small groups, this supplemental package includes:

  • One Handling the Unexpected game board, designed to help students develop and practice the skills they need to adjust to unexpected changes in a routine. Use this game board with the Educator’s Guide and game cards included in the Unstuck and On Target! Manual.
  • One Flexibility Freeway game board, designed to help students identify the advantages of flexibility and practice flexible decision making. An Educator’s Guide and game cards are included in the Unstuck and On Target! Manual.
  • One Goal, Why, Plan, Do, Check (GWPDC) poster to display in the classroom during all the Unstuck and On Target! lessons. Teachers will use this handy write-on/wipe-off poster to introduce, structure, and conclude each lesson. The GWPDC poster helps reinforce a routine and script for goal setting and completing multistep activities or assignments.
  • One Feelings Target poster, a write-on/wipe-off visual rating tool to help students identify their feelings. Students and teachers will interact with the Feelings Target poster throughout the Unstuck and On Target! lessons by taping emotion word cards to the poster or using dry-erase markers to identify a student’s emotions.
  • One Code of Conduct poster where teachers can write down and wipe off a student-determined list of constructive behaviors for group settings and targeted group goals.

Teachers can purchase as many packages as they need to provide their whole class with game boards and posters during the Unstuck and On Target! lessons.


”Unstuck and on Target! does a remarkable job of translating complex ideas and abstract terminology into concepts and language that make sense to children. It is evident that this curriculum reflects years of hands on experience working with executive skills in the classroom. The user can be assured that every lesson has been tested and refined, leaving a distillation that is accessible and appealing to children and easy for teachers to implement.“

—Peg Dawson, co-author of Smart but Scattered

”Too often, when students have deficits in executive functioning, they are erroneously perceived as having behavior problems. This book is an excellent resource that helps educators fully understand the complexities of executive functioning. Readers are provided with step-by-step instructions for proactively teaching essential skills and coping strategies to support students in overcoming barriers associated with executive functioning challenges.“

—Debra Leach, Professor of Special Education, Director of Winthrop Think College

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