The Social-Emotional Learning Toolbox

Practical Strategies to Support All Students
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781681254357
Item Number: 8677

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Strong social-emotional skills help students succeed in the classroom and beyond—but many teachers report that they lack the tools and time to effectively support social-emotional learning (SEL).

Help is here with The Social-Emotional Learning Toolboxan introductory guide that shows K-5 teachers how to infuse their existing curriculum and routines with high-quality, evidence-based SEL instruction.

Created by a seasoned educator with three decades of experience, this engaging, research-supported guidebook is filled with classroom-tested tips and techniques for teachers who want to begin integrating SEL practices into each part of their school day. You’ll learn the fundamentals of designing effective classroom environments and lessons with easy-to-implement, inclusive SEL supports for every student, whether they have ongoing behavior and learning challenges or just need a little extra help. With engaging and unique strategies and numerous online printable tools and worksheets, you’ll help your students reduce acting-out behaviors, strengthen relationships, and develop critical skills like self-discipline and empathy.

A must-have resource for current and future teachers who are new to this critical topic, this book will help educators learn the basics of SEL, make the most of teachable moments each day, and give every student a foundation for success in school and in life.


  • Build self-regulation skills in students so they can manage their emotions and be ready to learn
  • Help students develop emotional intelligence so they can understand and express their feelings
  • Create a warm, caring, and inclusive classroom atmosphere
  • Strengthen executive functioning skills to boost both social and academic competence
  • Develop positive, trusting relationships with students
  • Explicitly teach and model empathy in your classroom
  • Promote a growth mindset to improve students’ motivation, productivity, and confidence
  • Teach mindfulness practices to help students relax, maintain attention, and focus on the present moment



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