Talks My Father Never Had With Me

Helping the Young Male Reach Adulthood
Mentor's Guide
Grades 9-12
Pages: 316
ISBN: 978-0-96385-534-3
Item Number: 8105

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The mentor’s guide provides easy-to-follow directions for establishing a mentoring program in schools and other settings.

The mentor’s guide includes techniques for recruiting mentors and students, specific instructions on how to guide students through each lesson, discussion questions, and program forms.

The guide also contains the complete text of the student book.

Part I—I Am Who I Am

  1. The Importance of Understanding Your Orientation
  2. Ask Yourself the Question: “Have I Been Properly Nurtured?”
  3. Brothers and Sisters (Siblings)
  4. Living in the Projects: A Housing Developing (Or Living in the Trap of a Poor ‘Hood)
  5. Blocks (Our Fears and Anxieties That Stop Us In Life)

Part II—No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

  1. What Kind Of Gang Are You In?
  2. How Does Your Size Affect You?
  3. Drugs (The Contemporary Slavemaster)
  4. Violence

Part III—You Can Prosper

  1. My First Job
  2. Your Concept Of The Work Ethic
  3. I Was Treated Unfairly Today (Prejudice)
  4. A Proper Attitude About Money
  5. The King’s English and Employment
  6. A’s Are Worth Thousands Of Dollars

Part IV—Who’s In Control?

  1. The Importance of Controlling Your Passions and Not Letting Them Control You
  2. The Woman, A Man’s Greatest Test
  3. How To Keep Sexual Thoughts About Women From Controlling You

Part V—Who’s In Charge?

  1. Who Is Your Judge?
  2. The Principle Of Authority
  3. Is It Really Necessary To Curse?
  4. How Grown Is Grown?

Part VI—Friend or Foe?

  1. Keeping Your Father Files Open
  2. Understanding Different Cultures
  3. Cops and Robbers
  4. Are You A Quitter? (Or Perseverance)
  5. A Man in Your Face

Part VII—Faith’s Foundation

  1. A Strong Moral Cord
  2. Understanding the Certainty Of Change and Preparing For It
  3. Never Forget the Shoulders that You Stand On
  4. Your Father Should Teach You How to Die
  5. The Final Chapter

Part VIII—Getting Wisdom Going (Forms)

  1. Student Application
  2. Mentor Application
  3. Student Contract
  4. Mentor Contract
  5. Certificate of Completion

In-service training, consultation, or workshops by the author of this program can be provided for your school, facility, church, or organization. For more information and available dates, please contact:

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