The Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond

Grades 6-12
Pages: 204
ISBN: 9781932565355
Item Number: 8255

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For teens with social communication challenges, this book features photos of students engaging in a wide variety of social situations that show, rather than tell, the right (and wrong) ways to interact.

The photos transform abstract social concepts into concrete skills. The book addresses social skills such as making friends, asking questions, saying hello and goodbye, interrupting a conversation, respecting other’s space, working as part of a group, asking someone out on a date, interviewing for a job, asking for help when needed, and making mistakes.


  • The Autism Spectrum and the Importance of Visual Aids
  • About Social Skills Picture Books
  • Generalization of Skills


Nonverbal Cues/Body Language

  • Welcome Versus Unwelcome
  • Knowing When to Stop Talking
  • Listening Position
  • Don’t Be a Space Invader


  • Greetings
  • Interrupting in Conversation
  • Interrupting in Class
  • Interrupting at Work
  • Starting a Conversation with Someone You Know
  • Getting to Know Someone New
  • Knowing When to Stop Being Funny
  • Ending a Conversation

Building and Maintaining Friendships

  • Sharing Friends
  • Avoiding Sensitive Topics and Insults
  • Showing Empathy and Understanding
  • Don’t Be the Rule Police
  • Asserting Your Feelings
  • Giving Criticism
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Teasing
  • Asking Someone Out on a Date

Dealing with School and Work

  • Dealing with the Fear of Trying Something New
  • Trying When It’s Hard
  • Accepting No or Waiting For What You Want
  • Dealing with Mistakes
  • Working with Others—Compromising
  • Job Interviewing
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