Skillstreaming in Early Childhood

Skill Cards
Skill Cards (Set of 320 Cards)
ISBN: 9780878224883
Item Number: 5182


Convenient 3×5 cards, illustrated for nonreaders, listing the behavioral steps for each of the 40 Skillstreaming in Early Childhood skills.

Eight cards are provided for each skill.

NOTE: It is essential for successful implementation of this curriculum to first have the program book (Skillstreaming in Early Childhood: A Guide for Teaching Prosocial Skills) before attempting to utilize other Skillstreaming products.

Shown below is an episode of Prosocially Yours, a podcast produced by Research Press. In this episode, host Elizabeth Hess interviews educator and author, Dr. Ellen McGinnis, about the widely acclaimed Skillstreaming program.

Group I: Beginning Social Skills

  1. Listening
  2. Using Nice Talk
  3. Using Brave Talk
  4. Saying Thank You
  5. Rewarding Yourself
  6. Asking for Help
  7. Asking a Favor
  8. Ignoring

Group II: School-Related Skills

  1. Asking a Question
  2. Following Directions
  3. Trying When It’s Hard
  4. Interrupting

Group III: Friendship-Making Skills

  1. Greeting Others
  2. Reading Others
  3. Joining In
  4. Waiting Your Turn
  5. Sharing
  6. Offering Help
  7. Asking Someone to Play
  8. Playing a Game

Group IV: Dealing with Feelings

  1. Knowing Your Feelings
  2. Feeling Left Out
  3. Asking to Talk
  4. Dealing with Fear
  5. Deciding How Someone Feels
  6. Showing Affection

Group V: Alternatives to Aggression

  1. Dealing with Teasing
  2. Dealing with Feeling Mad
  3. Deciding If It’s Fair
  4. Solving a Problem
  5. Accepting Consequences

Group VI: Dealing with Stress

  1. Relaxing
  2. Dealing with Mistakes
  3. Being Honest
  4. Knowing When to Tell
  5. Dealing with Losing
  6. Wanting to Be First
  7. Saying No
  8. Accepting No
  9. Deciding What to Do
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