Skillstreaming Children and Youth with High-Functioning Autism

Student Workbook
Group Leader's Guide and 10 Student Workbooks
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The new Skillstreaming Children and Youth with High Functioning Autism: Student Workbook Group Leader’s Guide and Student Workbook accompany the successful manual, Skillstreaming Children and Youth with High Functioning Autism: A Guide to Teaching Prosocial Skills that teachers, counselors, clinicians, and other professionals use for teaching social skills to students with autism.

Research clearly suggests that teaching social skills to students with autism can help them get along with peers, make and keep friends, understand and solve conflict, and achieve personal and professional goals in their schools and communities as well as later on as adults. Social skills instruction can also help students learn to understand their emotions, control their behavior, and experience a greater sense of well-being.

A Skillstreaming leader will prepare and deliver lessons on these and other social skills by using the following four learning activities:

  • Modeling (showing the child what to say or do)
  • Role-play (the child will try out the skill just modeled within the group setting that will be needed in real-life situations)
  • Feedback (explaining to students what they did well and what they can do differently the next time)
  • Generalization (completing homework assignments to practice the skill in other situations and settings). Skillstreaming is organized to help students generalize social skills, or use the skills in real-life situations when and where they are needed.

The Student Workbooks and Leader’s Guide give educators, clinicians, and school counselors a step-by-step procedure for introducing and proceeding with the Skillstreaming program. The numerous activities provided in the Student Workbook assist students in not only learning the Skillstreaming process, but key social nuances that will help them be more successful in their skill use.

Group Leader’s Guide

The purpose of the leader’s guide is to provide clear guidance to practitioners who implement the Skillstreaming learning procedures, thus providing an easily imitated model for instruction. Activities for group leaders to use to enhance students’ skill performance are additionally provided throughout.

Student Workbooks

The student workbook is intended to orient students with autism to the Skillstreaming process. Students will be asked to share this workbook with you when sections of the book have been completed within the Skillstreaming group.

Introduction for Parents 1

Section 1: Understanding Skillstreaming 5

People Problems 6

What Are Social Skills? 7

Skill Groups 8

Group I: Relationship Skills 8

Group II: Social Comprehension 8

Group III: Self-Regulation 9

Group IV: Problem Solving 9

Group V: Understanding Emotions 10

Group VI: School-Related Social Skills 10

Why Is It Important to Learn These Skills? 11

Consequence Maps 11 Activity 1.3—Thomas’ Consequence Map 12

Build a Consequence Map for Thomas 13

Blank Consequence Map 14

Parts of Skillstreaming 15

Activity 1.4—Learning Examples 17

Skill: Seeking Attention 18

Steps 18

Modeling 19

Think Aloud Example 1 19

Skill 55: Seeking Attention 20

Discussion 21

Think Aloud Example 2 21

Skill 22: Accepting Another’s Opinion 21

Activity 1.5—Watch and Listen 23

Role-Play 24

Activity 1.6—Role-Play Planning 25

Role Responsibilities 26

Main Actor 26

Co-Actor 26

Observers 27

Guiding the Role-Play 27

Feedback 27

Activity 1.7—Types of Verbal Feedback 29

Activity 1.8—Types of Nonverbal Feedback 30

Discussion 31

Activity 1.9—What Was My Role? 32

Are You Done Yet? 33

Homework and Practice 33

Next Steps 33

Skillstreaming Example 2 34

The Skill 34

Listening Without Interrupting 34

Skill Steps 34

Modeling 34

Discussion 35

Need for the Skill 35

Summary 35

Section 2: Supports for Learning 37

Activity 2.1—Your Consequence Map 38

Video Breakdown 39

Activity 2.2—Video Breakdown 41

Social Skill Rubrics 42

Activity 2.3—Jackson in PE 43

Vignette 2: Complimenting Jackson during PE 44

Scenario Analysis 44

Activity 2.4—Julian Birthday Party 45

Vignette #3 Julian’s Birthday Party 45

Scenario Analysis Form 46

Instructional Skits 46

Activity 2.5—Encouraging Oscar 47

Vignette #4 Encouraging Oscar 47

Skit Preparation Guide 48

Random Problem Solving 51

Activity 2.6—Problem Focus 52

Activity 2.7—Video Feedback Rubric 53

Video Feedback Rubric Form 54

Peer Evaluation 55

Activity 2.8—Peer Evaluation Form 56

Self-Evaluation 57

Activity 2.9—Rating My Skill Use 58

Section 3: Generalization 59

Self-Evaluation 59

Homework Report 1 60

Homework Report 2 61

Homework Report 3 62

Appendix A: Skillstreaming Tools 63

Parts to Skillstreaming Poster 63

Skill Poster: Listening Without Interrupting 64

Skill Poster: Accepting Another’s Opinion 65

Skill Poster: Seeking Attention 66

The Role I Played 67

Skill List 68

About the Authors 70

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