Skills and Techniques for Group Work with Children and Adolescents

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ISBN: 9780878223527
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This how-to manual is a treasure chest packed with 24 leadership skills and therapeutic interaction techniques that are essential to group work with children and adolescents.

This book provides helpful background information, related readings, practice activities, and more. Recommended for any counselor or group leader who works with kids—regardless of the issues that the group addresses or the setting and format of the group.

Book Reviews

“For those who labor in the vineyard of childhood and adolescent problems, Smead’s newest book is a welcome taxonomy of direct ‘hands on’ methods and skills for group therapists based on sound behavioral and psychoeducational concepts.”

—Carmine A. Salierno, Child & Family Behavior Therapy

“If you have felt uneasy or intimidated by the prospect of organizing and leading a group, as I have, this book is highly recommended. I thought I might enjoy another group experience after I finished this positive and practical approach!”

—Allison Weideman, Communique, National Association of School Psychologists

“Dr. Smead’s book finds strength in its highly structured, clear, easy-to-read format and style. Those new to group work will appreciate its attention to basic organizational skills and interventions, as well as the rationale for their use.”

—Linda Wooten-Margerum, Social Work with Groups

Section 1 Professional Issues and Organizational Skills
The Nature of Group Work
Ethical Guidelines and Related Professional Issues
Organizing the Group Experience
Understanding Group Process
Using Problem Situations as Learning Experiences
Section 2 Leadership Skills
Ground Rules and Other Norms
Activities and Exercises
Goal Setting
Dyads and Triads
Minimal Prompts and Turn Signals
Thinking, Feeling, Behaving
Cutting Off
Drawing Out
Section 3 Therapeutic Interaction Techniques
Contracting Self-Improvement Homework
Participant Modeling
Self as Model
Responsibility Pie
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training
“I” Statements
Closing Rituals
Appendix A: Ethical Guidelines for Group Counselors
Appendix B: TAP-In Selection Checklist

In-service training for all levels of group work with children and adolescents can be provided by the author of this program. Dr. Smead is an accomplished international and national presenter. She will work closely with your school or organization and design training to meet your specific needs. Whether it is a one-day review, a multi-day skill-building workshop, or a 40-hour course, Dr. Smead offers exciting and confidence-building opportunities to enhance your group counseling skills.

For more information and available dates, please contact:

Dr. Rosemarie (Rosie) Smead
Indiana University Southeast
4201 Grant Line Road
New Albany, Indiana 47150

Phone: 812-923-6006
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