The Shyness Workbook

30 Days to Dealing Effectively with Shyness
Pages: 148
ISBN: 9780878225514
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A hands-on workbook that therapists can use to help shy individuals learn to effectively deal with their shyness. The author provides nonthreatening guidelines and research-based strategies that will help individuals work with their shyness instead of against it.

The book contains a series of 30 separate daily units that include: Assessing Your Shyness, Being Successfully Shy, Controlling Unfair Social Comparisons, and Taking Advantage of Rejection. Each daily unit contains four elements: What You Need to Know—core information about a particular shyness issue; Your Turn—a self-directed activity to promote self-examination; Voices—quotes from other shy individuals who share their feelings and experiences; Reflections—a self-reflection and expressive writing exercise.

Comments from Colleagues

”This workbook is the best available way for shy people, and their friends and family, to cope effectively with the various challenges that shyness creates in their lives. Dr. Carducci applies the many years of his personal experience, research and treatment of shyness to a 30-day program that is informative, inspirational, and accessible for all who want to understand and modify their shyness.”

—Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

”Dr. Carducci contends that the world needs MORE shy people, not fewer. That said, he fully understands the prison that shyness can be for those trapped inside. With his sympathy, understanding, and creativity, he is the ideal person to lead the shy individual to a successful accommodation to the outside world. How lucky we all are to have this gifted and enthusiastic personality psychologist as our personal guide, raising the level of social comfort for everyone.”

—Hara Estroff Marano, Editor at Large, Psychology Today

Book Review

“…a helpful tool…provides the shy person with a lot of information…would be a good homework assignment for clients to break their barriers of shyness.”

—Carole Saylor, Arizona Counselors Association Newsletter

  1. Defining Shyness: What Shyness Really Is
  2. Born Shy? A Basic Question
  3. Shyness Is Not All in Your Head: Putting It in Perspective
  4. Understanding Approach-Avoidance Conflict: The Source of the Pain
  5. The Slow-to-Warm-Up Tendency: Time to Adjust
  6. Understanding the Comfort Zone: The Role of Routine
  7. Shyness and Self-Esteem: It’s Not What You Think
  8. Assessing Your Shyness: What Makes You Shy?
  9. Becoming Successfully Shy: Taking Control of Your Shyness
  10. Making the Right Decisions: The Key to Your Success
  11. Defining Shyness of the Mind: The Most Critical Component
  12. Understanding the Role of Anxiety: A Misunderstood Emotion
  13. Strategies for Controlling Your Anxiety: The Anxiety Advantage
  14. Narcissism and Selective Attention Deficit: The Problem with Excessive Self-Consciousness
  15. Controlling Excessive Self-Consciousness: Promoting Realistic Self-Evaluations
  16. Explaining Attributional Process: Playing the Blame Game
  17. Common Attributional Errors: Losing the Blame Game
  18. Controlling Attributional Errors: Playing the Blame Game Fairly
  19. Common Social Comparison Errors: When Uncertainty Promotes Unfairness
  20. Controlling Unfair Social Comparisons: Promoting Self-Confidence with Fair Comparisons
  21. Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Gently Widening Your Range of Experiences
  22. Performing Social Reconnaissance: Planning and Preparing for Your Social Success
  23. Taking Advantage of the Warm-Up Process: Actively Responding to the Passage of Time
  24. Preventing Self-Medication: Avoiding the Trap of Liquid Extroversion
  25. Practicing Quick Talk: Setting the Stage for Conversational Contacts
  26. Taking Advantage of Rejection: Finding Useful Information
  27. Focusing on Your Social Successes: Creating Opportunities for Personal Enhancement
  28. Helping Other Shy Individuals: Becoming a Host to Humanity
  29. Becoming a Volunteer: Helping Yourself by Helping Others
  30. Living the Successfully Shy Life: A Day-to-Day Adventure

Epilogue: Living a Successfully Shy Life: A Style of Life for Going Beyond Shyness and into the World

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