The Real Deal Anger Management for Adolescents

Cognitive-Behavioral Relaxation Techniques with Small Groups
Complete Program (DVD Format)
ISBN: 9780878225927
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A structured, video-based intervention for groups of six to eight students in grades 6-12. Especially beneficial for working with tough-to-reach teens who have emotional and behavioral disorders.

The Real Deal is an easy-to-implement, “plug and play” program that engages students in cognitive exercises for learning to recognize and correct thinking errors that lead to anger, active practice of social-behavioral skills through role-playing, and participation in progressive muscle relaxation exercises. The program features three training videos that focus on specific skills for controlling conflict.

  • Takin’ It (47 min.) Receiving negative feedback or criticism from someone, usually an authority figure – a parent, teacher, or other adult.
  • Givin’ It (38 min.) Expressing negative feedback such as criticism, disappointment, anger, or displeasure.
  • Workin’ It Out (33 min.) Listening, identifying problems and possible solutions, suggesting alternatives, and working out a compromise.

Each video features dramatic vignettes of adolescents dealing successfully and unsuccessfully with real-life conflict situations. Also included are scenes of group training sessions in which students discuss and role-play similar situations. Two group leaders are shown working with the students as they practice the anger management skills and relaxation procedures. Student viewers are then asked to discuss and role-play conflict situations from their own lives.

Also included is a self-relaxation audio CD featuring six different scripts, male and female narrators, and a variety of background sounds. In addition to the three videos and the Audio CD, the training package includes a Leader’s Guide, a Quick Reference Guide, and a Set of 24 Skill Cards (eight copies of the card for each of the three skills).

Program Review

“Professional facilitators Lange and Gipson conduct this anger management intervention for small groups of middle and high school students. Teaching a group of teens on screen, they pause for viewers to complete skill cards and perform their own role-playing exercises with local trainers. After a dramatized confrontation, real teens on film discuss their own conflicts and rethink situations through a four-part process, followed by steps for calm communication.”

—Cathi MacRae, Youth Today, (the newspaper on youth work)

The preview below features a fast-paced, 10-minute overview of the program’s structure, intervention strategies, and on-screen training sessions.

NOTE: The video and audio have been compressed for web delivery. The actual product has higher quality video and audio.

An excerpt from an article by Jennifer Daw Holloway
American Psychological Association, APA Monitor
November/December 2004

Techniques to Reduce Anger

Researchers and practitioners are examining what works best for managing problem anger.

“I think there are three strategies or combinations of them that have the most empirical research behind them,” says Jerry L. Deffenbacher, Ph.D., The strategies—relaxation, cognitive therapy and skill development—are new applications of existing concepts, he says.

Here’s how the relaxation technique works: Clinicians train patients in progressive relaxation until they can quickly use personal cues, such as words, phrases or images — one woman learned to visualize a cross — to relax in an anger-inducing situation.

Cognitive therapy—in which psychologists help patients see alternative ways of thinking and reacting to anger—is another helpful treatment strategy, says Deffenbacher.

He also recommends focusing on compatible and appropriate behaviors with patients. “If I’m an abusive parent, I may need parenting skills. If I’m an angry driver, I need safe driving skills,” he says. Any of the three techniques, or any combination of them, takes “practice, practice, practice,” says Deffenbacher.

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