Raising a Thinking Child Workbook

Teaching Young Children How to Resolve Everyday Conflicts and Get Along with Others
Spanish Edition
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9780878225194
Item Number: 5131


An evidence-based parenting workbook based on the highly acclaimed I Can Problem Solve (ICPS) violence prevention program for children.

This unique workbook, available in English or Spanish, serves as the ideal ICPS parent involvement component but also stands alone as an essential parent resource for dealing with typical parent-child and child-child difficulties.

Workbook pages are filled with dozens of inviting activities that help parents guide and children ages 4–7 to play games and color as they learn develop cognitive skills and social-emotional awareness. Situations include everything from a child’s wanting attention while the parent is busy to teasing and fighting over toys to going to bed on time. The workbook also covers many positive situations–helping with household chores, sharing, comforting a hurt friend, and more.

By engaging in these activities and using a special kind of problem-solving talk called ICPS dialoguing, parents help children learn how to think, not what to think. With practice, children learn to think about what they do and why they do it, choose solutions based on consequences, negotiate for what they want, cope with frustration, and understand their own and others’ feelings.

Praise for Raising a Thinking Child Workbook

I’m an occupational therapist specializing in the treatment of children and teens with Nonverbal Learning Disorder and Asperger’s. I LOVE this workbook. . . . If you have a child with a social learning disorder or you’re a therapist who works with these kids, you will find this full of great activities and concepts that are easy for the kids to learn and benefit from.

—Dr. Rondalyn V. Whitney, author of Nonverbal Learning Disorder: Understanding and Coping with NLD and Asperger’s

The Raising a Thinking Child Workbook is making a big difference. . . . As a parent, I have learned to reframe and rephrase expectations in a more understandable way. The best growth has been in my son, though. He is now able to confront emotions and behaviors in a more thoughtful and clear way.

—Bea Levy, Brooklyn, NY

Raising a Thinking Child has been recognized as:

  • An Exemplary Program, Strengthening America’s Families Project
  • A Character Education Program of Merit, New Jersey Department of Education
  • An Exemplary Mental Health Program, NASP (National Association of School Psychologists)
  • Among the top six violence prevention programs in a five-state area, Department of Health and Human Services, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Research with valuable applications that make a difference in people’s lives, APA (American Psychological Association) Psychology Matters Initiative

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