Making Inclusion Work for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

An Evidence-Based Guide
Pages: 380
ISBN: 9781606239322
Item Number: 8532

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An indispensable resource for K–12 educators and autism specialists, this highly practical book shows how to include students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in general education settings.

Tristram Smith and his associates present a research-based, step-by-step process for assessing students at a range of skill levels, planning and implementing successful inclusion programs, and working as a team with other professionals and with parents. The book is packed with specific strategies for helping students with ASD follow the daily routine, learn from the general education curriculum, interact with peers, and overcome problem behavior. In a large-size format for easy photocopying, it features dozens of reproducible worksheets and forms.

  1. General Considerations
    1. Autism Spectrum Disorders
    2. Evidence-Based Interventions and Supported Inclusion of Students with ASD
  2. Preparation
    1. Evaluating the Student, Caroline I. Magyar, Vincent Pandolfi, and Robin Bender
    2. Planning Data Collection and Monitoring Progress, Daniel W. Mruzek
    3. Team Building and Training, Christine Peterson
    4. Preparing the Student: Transition from Special Education to Inclusive Settings, Dennis Mozingo and Mae Barker
  3. Implementation
    1. Adapting the Daily Routine
    2. Individualizing the General Education Curriculum
    3. Individual Instruction, Part 1: Teaching Approaches, Daniel W. Mruzek, Laura Silverman, and Betsy Varghese
    4. Individual Instruction, Part 2: Examples and Teaching Programs
    5. Peer Interaction, Tasha C. Geiger
    6. Problem Behavior, Deborah A. Napolitano and David B. McAdam
    7. Sustaining Inclusion: Systems Change, Christine M. Burns and Linda L. Matons
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