Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention in Schools

A Practitioner's Guide
Pages: 230
ISBN: 9780878225552
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This comprehensive manual provides school-based mental health professionals with a user-friendly resource for conducting effective functional behavioral assessments (FBAs) and for creating appropriate behavior intervention plans.

Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention in Schools uses case examples to illustrate the FBA process and offer guidelines on using FBAs for a variety of problems, from academic to behavioral, from mild to severe. They suggest interventions that match common school-based problems and stress that an FBA should be considered whenever negative behavior is impeding a student’s learning or the learning of others.

An accompanying CD provides reproducible assessment forms, student handouts, checklists, and evaluation measures.

Book Reviews

“School counselors should include this book in their reference library. It is without a doubt a valuable tool to supplement work done collaboratively with other support staff. Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention in Schools enhances the idea of a supportive learning environment and assisting students in understanding behavior and consequences as well as making different choices to achieve success.

—Debra Hardy, New York State School Counselor’s Association Newsletter

“All three authors are qualified both academically and professionally to deal with the topic of FBAs and school interventions. The book is well written and takes the reader through an organized process of problem identification, problem analysis, assessment, intervention plan development, and intervention plan evaluation.”

—Cynthia Crosser, Education Book Reviews

“Two psychology professors and an education professor outline the stages in the functional behavioral assessment process for determining how a student’s behavior is influenced and supported by conditions in the environment. The later chapters present example interventions and worksheets for promoting skill development, and motivating positive behavior among both individual students and groups of students.”

Reference and Research Book News

Functional Behavioral Assessment and Intervention in Schools is thorough and includes chapters on influences on behavior; problem identification; problem investigation and analysis; assessment, monitoring, and evaluation strategies; intervention plan development and implementation; intervention plan evaluation; interventions to promote skill development; group interventions; and individual interventions. Case studies provide context for the strategies given. The worksheets are useful, and to help the FBA team better individualize their assessment, the authors provide alternate forms for many of the worksheets.”

—Ellen Davila, Communiqué, National Association of School Psychologists

  1. Introduction
    • Functional Behavior Assessment: Definition and Background
    • The History of FBA
    • FBA in Schools
    • Reasons for Conducting an FBA
    • Practical Reasons
    • Legal Reasons
    • Ethical Reasons
    • Overview of the FBA Process
    • Multicultural Issues in the Use of FBA
    • Limitations of FBA
  2. Problem Identification
    • Individual Factors Affecting Behavior
    • Learning Problems
    • Self-Efficacy and Motivation
    • Physiology
    • Contextual Factors Affecting Behavior
    • Family-Based Factors
    • School-Based Factors
    • Peer Relationships
    • Cultural Influences
    • Intervening for Change
    • Effective Classrooms
    • Effective Schoolwide Systems
    • Effective School-Home Connections
  3. Getting Ready: Thinking about Influences on Behavior
    • Collect Background Information
    • List Target Behaviors
    • Select Target Behaviors
    • Define Target Behaviors
    • Measure Target Behaviors
  4. Problem Investigation and Analysis
    • Identify Conditions That Predict Behavior
    • Identify Skill Deficits and Communicative Intent
    • Academic Skills
    • Behavioral Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Develop a Functional Theory
    • Understanding the Functions of Behavior
    • Assessing the Functions of Behavior
    • Identify Replacement Behaviors, Problem-Free Times, and Potential Motivators
  5. Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation Strategies
    • Reasons for Measuring Behavior
    • Selecting the Measurement and Monitoring Procedure
    • Direct Observation Techniques
    • Indirect Techniques
  6. Intervention Plan Development and Implementation
    • Link Assessment to Intervention
    • Select Intervention Components
    • Modify Predictors
    • Address Skill Deficits and Communicative Intent
    • Modify Maintaining Consequences
    • Develop and Implement the Behavior Intervention Plan
  7. Intervention Plan Evaluation
    • Assess Intervention Integrity
    • Collect and Graph Progress Monitoring Results
    • Conduct Formative Assessment
    • Conduct Summative Assessment
    • Case Example
  8. Interventions to Promote Skill Development
    • Why Skill-Based Interventions Are Needed
    • Interventions to Build Behavioral Skills
    • Behavior Matrix
    • Survivor Skills
    • Targeted Skills
    • Interventions to Build Academic Skills
    • An Intervention to Build Communication Skills: Functional Communication Training
    • Selected Resources
  9. Group Interventions
    • Why Group Interventions Are Needed
    • Surveying for Incentive Preferences
    • Group Interventions
    • Systematic Positive Praise
    • Good Behavior Game
    • Classroom Lottery
    • Mystery Motivator
    • Public Posting
    • Passport to Success
    • Daily Points System
  10. Individual Interventions
    • Why Individual Interventions Are Needed
    • Individual Interventions
    • Self-Monitoring
    • Behavior Contracts
    • Time-Out
    • School-Home Notes
  11. Concluding Thoughts
    • Considerations in the FBA Process
    • Is FBA Really a New Tool?
    • When Should FBA Be Used?
    • What Does the Research Say?
    • Is FBA a Valid Process?
    • Is the FBA Process Culturally and Personally Sensitive

Appendix A: FBA/BIP Worksheets

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment Worksheet
  • Assessment-to-Intervention Worksheet
  • Behavior Intervention Plan Worksheet

Appendix B: Analyzing Behavior Problems

  • Assessment Chart
  • Intervention Chart

Appendix C: Sample Cases

  • Elementary Case: Tommy
  • Middle School Case: Tracy
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