Enhancing Academic Motivation

An Intervention Program for Young Adolescents
Pages: 164
ISBN: 9780878225606
Item Number: 6530

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This powerful approach is targeted for working with students in grades 5-8 and can be adapted for use with younger students as well.

This approach is based on research that focuses on the relationship between school failure and the lack of academic motivation. The program employs a structured intervention format divided into 16 sessions. Although designed for classroom use, the sessions can easily be adapted for small groups or individuals in mental health settings.

Storytelling, role playing, and homework assignments are key elements of the program. Students become more willing to approach learning tasks and to display a higher level of engagement, effort, and persistence – even when experiencing frustration or anxiety.

The manual includes reproducible worksheets, program forms, and a parent component. While reproducibles are now available as a download, an accompanying CD of all the forms and student handouts may be included with the book.

  1. Introduction
  2. Intervention Sessions
  3. Academic Motivation and Chronic School Failure: Expanded Knowledge Base


  • Pregroup Student Assessment Outline
  • Academic Motivation Screen
  • Session Handouts (listed below)
  • Parent Involvement—Sample Parent/Guardian Letter, How Parents and Caregivers Influence Academic Motivation

Session Handouts

  1. What I Like to Do Most Inventory
  2. Feelings Faces
  3. Academic Motivation Tracking Form
  4. Students Doing Schoolwork: I
  5. Estimating Your Level of School Stress
  6. Students Doing Schoolwork: II
  7. Changing Negative Thoughts: I
  8. Changing Negative Thoughts: II
  9. Problem-Solving Steps
  10. Anxiety Signals
  11. Rope Image
  12. Talking Back to School Worries
  13. Combating Worries Log
  14. Asking for Help
  15. When I Want to Avoid Schoolwork Log
  16. Attention Helpers
  17. Raymond’s Disorganized Desk
  18. Where I Do My Schoolwork
  19. My Real Study Space
  20. My Ideal Study Space
  21. Assignments Sheet
  22. Assignment Planner
  23. Study Skills Checklist
  24. Key Ideas List
  25. Certificate of Achievement

Reproducible forms and handouts may be found on our downloads page.

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