Bullying in the Girl's World

A School-Wide Approach to Girl Bullying
Pages: 210
ISBN: 9781598500233
Item Number: 8269

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This popular resource provides skill lessons and activities for preventing relational aggression and bullying by girls in grades 3-8.

The book contains classroom activities, small group counseling sessions, and individual counseling activities. The program’s goals are to help young girls become more self-assured, independent, and confident in interacting with others in healthy, helpful ways. Includes reproducible student handouts and sample parent letters.

Relationally aggressive behavior is often motivated by underlying fear and insecurity. The first step to counteracting such behavior is to be aware of the hidden causes. The second step is understanding that it is bullying and it is not acceptable. The third step is building skills for dealing with and/or reducing this behavior.

The classroom lessons include stories, activities, and reproducible student worksheets. The small group approach includes surveys, stories, strategies, student assessments, and group activities. The individual counseling section includes situation cards, activities, student worksheets, and a simple problem-solving model.

Introduction to Girl Bullying

  • What Is Girl Bullying?
  • Why Is It Important To Address This Problem?
  • How Do We Address This Problem?
  1. School-Wide Approach to Bullying
    • Handout for Administration: Statistics and Rational
    • Student School Survey
    • Teacher In-Service
    • Handouts for Teachers
    • Teacher-Led Class Activities:
      • On the Scene with Bullying
      • What Would You Do If .
      • What’s the Meaning of This?
      • Children’s Literature on Bullying
      • Footprint Perspective
      • Write About It
      • Secret Pals
      • Terrific Tattles/Good Gossips
    • School-Wide Activities
  2. Class Lessons on Bullying (includes Parent Letters and Summary Poster)
    • Bullying – What’s It All About?
    • What’s In Your Heart?
    • Bully-Proof Defense Shield
    • Bystander – Call to Action
  3. Parent Information on Girl Bullying
    • Parent Workshop on Girl Bullying
    • Parent Handouts
    • Parent Book Club
  4. Small Group Counseling Sessions on Girl Bullying: Surviving and Thriving in the Girl World
    • Inside the Girl World
    • Excluding Others vs. Appreciating and Including Others
    • Gabby Gossip vs. Kind Compliments
    • Hurtful Teasing vs. Caring Communication
    • Bossing, Controlling, Intimidating vs. Respect and Empathy
    • Friendship Betrayal vs. Honesty and Loyalty
    • Caught in the Middle
    • The True Me
    • Friendship Conflicts: Problem Solvers to the Rescue
    • Fabulous Friendships
  5. Individual Counseling Activities on Girl Bullying
    • Liking Yourself
    • Friendly Connections
    • Friendship Ripple
    • Handling Teasing/Taunting
    • Anger – Stay Under Control
    • Save vs. Delete
    • Negative Thought Shredder
    • Refocus
    • Reframing
    • Matching Up Quick Fixes to the Bullying Problem
    • Bully Proof Shield in Action
    • The Plan . Problem Solving Model
    • What Are You Worth?
    • Behavior Change Needed
    • Empathy Building
    • Heartprints


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