The Assertive Option

Your Rights and Responsibilities
Pages: 348
ISBN: 9780878221929
Item Number: 1921

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A self-instructional book that offers specific techniques for changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that support nonassertiveness or aggressiveness.

The authors provide 33 practice exercises designed to build assertiveness skills and help reduce or prevent excessive anxiety, extreme anger, depression, guilt, worrying, or catastrophizing.

Appendices contain a set of self-relaxation procedures and an inventory for self-assessment, goal setting, and decision making.

Book Reviews

“This is a very well-written, exceptionally well-conceptualized and communicated text which should be useful to school counselors in working with students and for their own self-development.”

—Sarah L. Lovett, The School Counselor

“This book avoids easy answers to complex problems. It clearly defines respect for self and others and points out the risks of assertion.”

The Journal for Special Educators

“If you work with assertion groups and are seraching for some assistance, this book could be a very useful resource.”

—Charlotte Hoffner, Journal of College Placement





  1. How Do People Communicate?
  2. Responsible Assertion
  3. Causes of Nonassertive and Aggressive Behavior
  4. Personal Rights and Responsibilities
  5. Changing Your Thinking
  6. Basic Types of Assertive Messages
  7. Effective Listening and Conflict Resolution
  8. Handling Tender Feelings, Requests, and Anger
  9. Handling Aggression and Persisting in Your Assertiveness
  10. Conversational Skills
  11. Developing Your Assertion Plan

Appendix A: Relaxaing Yourself

Appendix B: Self-Assessment, Goal-Setting, and Decision Making

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