Dr. Maurice J. Elias (photo)

Social Decision Making Author Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Maurice J. Elias, a Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University, has been awarded the Myrna B. Shure Lifetime of Achievement in Social-Emotional Learning. Dr. Shure was the “I Can Problem Solve” co-founder and a social-emotional learning pioneer. Last year she was the inaugural recipient of the Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning Lifetime of Achievement Award bearing her name.  

Dr. Elias says, “this award is particularly meaningful to me because it is associated with Myrna Shure. Myrna’s work has been the empirical and conceptual basis of all SEL curricula since ICPS, including my own Social Decision Making/Social Problem-Solving program. She has been a generous and wise mentor to me and many others in the SEL field throughout our careers.”   

Dr. Elias is the Director of the Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab.
Contributing Faculty, the Collaborative Center for Community-Based Research and Service Co-Director for the Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools. In addition to writing Social Decision Making/Social Problem Solving for different grade levels, Dr. Elias was a co-author of the Social-Emotional Learning Lab.  

When speaking about Myrna Shure, Dr. Elias says, “It’s hard to think of anyone who has had a more positive direct and indirect impact on children, educators, and parents than Myrna Shure.”  

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