Teach the Essentials of Good Character with The Essentialz (cover)

Research Press Publishes A Fun-filled Character Education Resource That Teaches Lessons from Superheroes: The Essentialz

Research Press Publishers is excited to announce the publication of Teach the Essentials of Good Character with The Essentialz. This new book, written to address the character education of middle school youth, supports social and emotional learning and character development through entertaining group work.

Author Paul Cicchini has created superhero characters from diverse backgrounds who have unique super strengths and human weaknesses. They learn to use their differences to bring out the best in themselves and in others.

Teach the Essentials of Good Character with The Essentialz tells the story of four groups of teens with unique superpowers. This valuable resource is accompanied by a colorful slide show that engages the kids in the characters’ personal attributes and invites group discussion about how they each demonstrate good character.

Praise for Teach the Essentials: “Paul Cicchini draws on the popularity of superheroes and comic books to create stories of positive character traits which are engaging for students of all ages. Each of the 12 superheroes is emblematic of a positive character trait or social-emotional skill based on his or her background and experiences. After the set of lessons, students are encouraged to look for real-life heroes who exemplify positive character, first from history and then from their own communities. I believe this approach to be an engaging and effective way to help students see the importance of positive character traits and to adopt these traits in their own lives.”—William H. Trusheim, Ed.D. President of the New Jersey Alliance for Social, Emotional, and Character Development

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