Youth Voice Project: Student Insights into Bullying and Peer Mistreatment (cover)

Research Press Podcast, Prosocially Yours, Spotlights Youth Voice Project Co-Author Charisse Nixon

Research Press Publishers interviewed Dr. Charisse L. Nixon, co-author of Youth Voice Project: Student Insights into Bullying and Peer Mistreatment where you can also listen to the podcast about her book.

In the landmark Youth Voice Project research study, authors Stan Davis and Charisse L. Nixon added youth voices to the national debate about bullying and peer mistreatment. They surveyed more than 13,000 students in 31 schools in the U.S. to determine which actions were most helpful for bullied and mistreated youth. This book presents what they learned from those students and presents major new directions in effective bullying prevention work.

In the podcast, Dr. Nixon says, “there was one strategy, across grade level, across gender – male or female – that was very effective from a student’s perspective who was bullied. And that was…when they told a friend.”

This book presents a set of research-based, practical techniques for reducing the harm that bullying can do, building positive schoolwide behavior norms; increasing kind, inclusive behavior by peers; and addressing bias-focused bullying behavior. Dr. Nixon added “We found that seeking help from others grows resilience for both boys and girls, but boys are really reluctant to do this. We need to teach others to reach out for support.”

Author Charisse L. Nixon received her PhD in developmental psychology from West Virginia University and is currently an associate professor of psychology at Penn State Erie. Her primary research interest focuses on all forms of peer mistreatment, including both relational and physical mistreatment.

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