Behavioral Treatment of Self-Abuse
ISBN: 9780878225866
Item Number: 2017


Harry is one of the most unforgettable documentaries ever produced. The DVD shows classic examples of fading, extinction, time-out, and other basic procedures of behavioral treatment.

Actual treatment sessions, conducted by Dr. Richard M. Foxx, were filmed through a one-way mirror. At the time of this treatment, Harry was 24 years old and had spent most of his life in institutions wearing various types of physical restraints. Although only mildly disabled, the severity of his self-abuse had defeated all attempts to educate him.

Viewers will see the subtle changes in Harry’s behavior during baseline sessions, time-out, and treatment. Dr. Foxx’s narration enhances the documentary footage as he explains how the treatment techniques were developed, evaluated, and continually modified as treatment progressed. 38 minutes (includes discussion guide).


“A powerful, moving video that documents a case of behavior modification of self-injurious behavior . . . highly recommended for any psychology course from lower-division undergraduate to graduate level and for professionals dealing with abnormal behavior, treatment techniques, and learning principles.”

CHOICE, Association of College & Research Libraries

“This dramatic demonstration is accompanied by Dr. Foxx’s intelligent, off-beat and highly informative narration which includes many warm, human, funny touches. . . . This video deserves an audience beyond the psychology and behavioral science classroom.”

Selective Guide to Materials for Mental Health and Family Life Education

“The initial self-abuse scenes may be startling to some, but the video effectively illustrates the difficulties of caring for such patients.”

Olympic Media Info

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