Data Without Tears, Second Edition

Research Press Publishers is excited to announce release of the second edition of the bestselling book Data Without Tears: How to Write Measurable Educational Goals and Collect Meaningful Data.

The new edition of this book updates the author’s easy-to-use model for writing goals and objectives in a way that makes taking data straightforward and easy. Written in an accessible, conversational style, guidelines and examples help teachers, counselors, and anyone else faced with the daunting task of collecting meaningful data to meet a variety of legal and administrative requirements.

About writing the second edition, Johnston says, “The things I would like people to know more about really were case-specific advice—what you would write when staff were not able to follow through properly or what to do when you found the student’s goals didn’t match his or her need by the time you started instruction. So I really like how the second edition came out. I feel it’s even a little simpler, in fact.”

Praise for the bestselling first edition of this book:

“Data Without Tears is an excellent resource and reference for anyone who struggles with writing relevant, meaningful IEP goals and determining effectiveness of instruction and intervention.”

—Kathleen Jensen,
Wisconsin School Psychologists Association Newsletter

Johnston’s newest book, Behavior Intervention Without Tears: Keeping FBAs and BIPs Simple, will be released mid-September.

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