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About Us

Research Press is an independent, family-owned business founded in 1968 by Robert W. Parkinson (1920-2001) and incorporated in 1970. Over the course of the last five decades, the company has worked diligently to build a reputation for publishing practical and effective educational and mental health resources for counselors and educators.

Research Press was built upon a foundation of offerings from many preeminent names in the field of psychology, including B.F. Skinner, Albert Ellis, Gerald Patterson, Wesley Becker, John Gottman, Richard Foxx, Arnold Lazarus, and Joseph Cautela. Many publications from these authors and scholars continue to be applicable today and are still available in the Research Press library of trusted titles.

Joining the esteemed ranks of these Research Press contributors in the 1980s, Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein developed the groundbreaking first edition of Skillstreaming the Adolescent®. This marked the beginning of a new era for Research Press, publishing school-based intervention programs for working with youth. Since the introduction of Skillstreaming the Adolescent®, Research Press has continued to carefully curate and add titles from other respected authors with the goal of publishing user-friendly and effective prevention and intervention programs.

Over the years, Research Press gradually evolved into publishing materials focused on educational settings. Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein, Dr. Ellen McGinnis, Dr. Barry Glick, Dr. John C. Gibbs, Dr. Myrna B. Shure, Dr. Ann Vernon and many others created materials for school psychologists, counselors and social workers to implement into the K-12 population. Countless professionals continue to experience tremendous success with intervention programs like Skillstreaming®, Aggression Replacement Training®, The Prepare Curriculum®, Equip, I Can Problem Solve®, Thinking, Feeling, Behaving, and What Works When.

More recently, Research Press has introduced educators and counselors worldwide to a new set of authors, adding to our growing list of practical intervention resources focusing on children and adolescents. Some of these new offerings include Julia Taylor and Dr. Shannon Trice Black (Girls in Real Life Situations), Stan Davis and Dr. Charisse Nixon (Youth Voice Project: Student Insights into Bullying and Peer Mistreatment), and Dr. Mary Alvord (Resilience Builder Program).

In addition to offering an abundance of highly-respected and evidence-based titles, Research Press prides itself on being family owned and customer focused. You can call toll-free and speak directly to one of our knowledgeable support staff to place your order or receive additional information about any of our products.

Research Press is an independent, family-owned business founded in 1968 by Robert W. Parkinson (1920-2001).

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