Teen Violence Workbook

Facilitator Reproducible Self-Assessments, Exercises and Educational Handouts
Pages: 130
ISBN: 9781570252709
Item Number: 8555


Teen violence can break out anywhere and at any time. Violent behavior in teens can include a wide range of behaviors including: explosive temper tantrums, date rape, physical aggression, school shootings, suicide, bullying, fighting, threats or attempts to hurt others (including homicidal thoughts), use of weapons, cruelty toward animals, fire setting, and intentional destruction of property.

Violent behavior is experienced on an individual basis, so it is difficult to pinpoint specific risk factors. Signs that suggest violent behavior is imminent include antisocial beliefs and behaviors, use of drugs and alcohol, gang involvement, lack of commitment to school, victim of teasing or bullying, poor anger management and conflict resolution skills, and interpersonal problems.

The Teen Violence Workbook, contains five separate sections that will help participants learn more about themselves as well as the impact of dating relationships and violence in their lives. Participants will develop an awareness of the violence that they are exposed to daily. They will complete assessments and activities to help them explore the violence in their lives and develop strategies for coping with violence.

The sections in the book are:

  • Types of Violence Scale—helps individuals explore the types of abuse they are experiencing in their relationships. These teen violence types include sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal/emotional abuse and financial abuse.
  • Self-Empowerment Signs Scale—helps individuals explore whether they are empowered to avoid or reject violent acts.
  • Dating Violence Scale—helps individuals identify if they or their relationship partners possess harmful beliefs about dating relationships.
  • Personal Safety Scale—helps individuals examine how cautious they are being to remain safe in a violent society.
  • Symptoms of Dating Violence Scale—helps individuals explore the signs related to violence,
and determine if they are experiencing violence in their life.

This book has been designed as a practical tool for helping professionals, such as therapists, school counselors, psychologists, guidance counselors, teachers and group leaders. The Teen Violence Workbook is unique in that it combines two powerful psychological tools designed to enhance domestic violence coping skills: self-assessment and journaling.

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