Techniques of Grief Therapy

Assessment and Intervention
Pages: 376
ISBN: 9781138905931
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Techniques of Grief Therapy: Assessment and Intervention offers a new set of innovative approaches to grief therapy that includes a variety of specific and practical therapeutic techniques, each conveyed in concrete detail and anchored in an illustrative case study.

This book also features an entire new section on assessment of various challenges in coping with loss, with inclusion of the actual scales and scoring keys to facilitate their use by practitioners and researchers.


Techniques of Grief Therapy: Assessment and Intervention merits a place in every grief counselor’s library. These 66 chapters are a repository of great wisdom and the most current approaches, and they offer much, including underlying theory, assessment instruments, and a wide range of carefully described intervention strategies that encompass goals such as assisting clients in coping with emotion, reaffirming continuing bonds, reconstructing meaning, and utilizing ritual in individual and group settings. This volume will become a classic in the field and should be required reading for every counselor or therapist helping individuals cope with loss.”

—Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, professor in the graduate school at the College of New Rochelle and senior consultant with the Hospice Foundation of America

“Robert Neimeyer is the undisputed leader in the psychological study of bereavement. After a chapter that outlines a new comprehensive description of grief, he presents an impressive collection of authors who offer concrete ideas and methods for assessing and helping the bereaved. The 66 short chapters with succinct explanations and illustrative examples invite readers to learn about a wide range of possible techniques. Everyone, from seasoned mental health professionals to lay bereavement group facilitators, will find new and useful tools in this book.”

—Dennis Klass, PhD, coauthor of Dead but Not Lost: Grief Narratives in Religious Traditions and author of The Spiritual Lives of Bereaved Parents

Part I: Framing the Work
1. Toward a Developmental Theory of Grief
2. Grief is a Form of Love
3. The Dual Process Model in Grief Therapy
4. Traumatic Bereavement
5. Finding the Evidence: Use of the CareSearch Site in Bereavement Care
Part II: Assessing Bereavement
6. Hogan Grief Reaction Checklist (HGRC)
7. Integration of Stressful Life Experiences Scale (ISLES)
8. Meaning of Loss Codebook (MLC)
9. Grief and Meaning Reconstruction Inventory (GMRI)
10. Inventory of Daily Widowed Life (IDWL)
11. Perceived Life Significance Scale (PLSS)
12. Inventory of Complicated Spiritual Grief (ICSG)
13. Moral Injury Questionnaire—Military Version (MIQ-M)
14. The Two-Track Bereavement Questionnaire for Complicated Grief (TTBQ-CG-31)
15. Inventory of Social Support (ISS)
Part III: Coping with Grief
16. The Grief River
17. Self-Assessment of Tasks of Mourning
18. Mapping the Influence of Loss
19. Strategies for Coping with Grief
20. Contextual Behavior Activation
Part IV: Attending to the Body
21. Welcoming What Is
22. The Relaxation Response
23. Meridian Tapping
24. Yoga for Grief
Part V: Working with Emotion
25. Disentangling Multiple Loss
26. The Healing Power of Guilt
27. Compassion and Lovingkindness Meditation
28. Ambivalence in Grief
29. Loss Boxes
30. The Grief Drawer
Part VI: Reconstructing the Self
31. Building Self-Capacities
32. Who Am I?
33. Healing Through Internal Compassion
34. Letters to Self
Part VII: Re-storying Narratives of Loss
35. Dramaturgical Listening
36. Internet-based Writing
37. Spiritual Journaling
38. Thawing Frozen Grief
39. Time Revisited
40. Etched in Glass
Part VIII: Reorganizing the Continuing Bond
41. Re-integrating Attachment after Loss
42. Relationship Review
43. AfterTalk
44. Singing an Imaginal Dialogue
45. Spontaneous Memorialization
46. Online Memorials
Part IX: Re-envisioning the Loss
47. Dignity Portraiture
48. Drawing Images of Violent Death
49. The Dual Rose
50. Photographing Relationships for Remembering
51. Healing Flowers
Part X: Mobilizing Systems
52. Expanding the System
53. The Bereaved Sibling Interview
54. The Grief Spot
55. Family Coat of Arms
56. Grief Etiquette Coaching
Part XI: Facilitating Group Work
57. Facilitating Safety in Group Work
58. Co-Facilitating Bereavement Support Groups
59. Containing the Story of Violent Death
60. The Collaborative Poem
61. The Red Tent
62. Grief Ball
Part XII: Recruiting Ritual
63. Playing with Ritual
64. Spiritually-Based Healing Rituals
65. The Wise Elder
66. Bedside Singing
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