Talks My Father Never Had With Me

Helping the Young Male Reach Adulthood
Student Book
Grades 5-8
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780963855350
Item Number: 8102


Developed and written by an African-American parent and educator, this powerful mentoring program provide the tools that adults can use to have a real impact the lives of youngsters. 

The program addresses the forces that today’s youth are up against and offer students the skills and values that are often missing in their lives. The student book, used in conjunction with the mentor’s guide (below), facilitates the sharing of critical issues between generations. Each lesson serves as an appetizer to stimulate thought and discussion.

  1. How To Meet Stangers
  2. Expectations With An Example
  3. Self-Discipline
  4. The Power of A Positive Attitude
  5. Things You Can’t Change
  6. Understanding How I Learn
  7. Defeated By Rejection
  8. Fools And Foolish Behavior
  9. Loyalty: What is it? Who needs it?
  10. Getting Even
  11. Grades! (Are they important?)
  12. They Made Me MAD! (Controlling your anger)
  13. Trash Talking (Is It Worth It?)
  14. Every Boy Needs A Man In His Face
  15. My Teacher, My Friend
  16. TV and Reality
  17. Family Equals Joy And Pain
  18. Girls (Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice)
  19. I Got Busted And I Didn’t Do It!
  20. Stupid Stuff
  21. Who Do You Act Like?
  22. Moral Restraints
  23. How To Change Your Bad Habits
  24. Peach People (Understanding Different Races)
  25. I Will Stay In My Seat
  26. Three Kinds of Dumb
  27. What I’m Gonna Be When I Grow Up
  28. The Truth About The Truth
  29. Peer Pressure

In-service training, consultation, or workshops by the author of this program can be provided for your school, facility, church, or organization. For more information and available dates, please contact:

Dr. Harold Davis
P.O. Box 111
Champaign, Illinois 61824

Phone: 217-352-4628

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