Superhero Therapy

Mindfulness Skills to Help Teens and Young Adults Deal with Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781684030330
Item Number: 8633


A hero’s journey always begins with a struggle. For the first time ever, psychologist Janina Scarlet and Marvel and DC Comics illustrator Wellinton Alves join forces to create Superhero Therapy—a dynamic, illustrated introduction to acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help vanquish a young person’s inner monsters, explore their unique superpowers, and become a Superhero questing for what matters to them. Many of us wish we had special abilities to help us navigate through life—especially when super villains like anxiety, depression, anger, or shame make an appearance.

This is a fun, unique, and “outside-the-box” self-help guide using evidence-based ACT and mindfulness skills. Within these colorful pages, the reader teams up with a group of troubled heroes—inspired by both fictional characters and real-life people—enlisted at the Superhero Training Academy. By learning to face up to their inner villains and monsters, these characters will inspire individuals to overcome their problems as well. When finished, the reader will have a slew of new tools—like mindfulness, self-compassion, and values—to help them conquer whatever life throws their way.


“Janina Scarlet is a real-life superhero with an origin story to rival any Marvel character. After surviving a childhood radiation spill, she moved halfway around the earth, overcame post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain, and reinvented herself as one of the world’s most creative and innovative clinical psychologists. Her superhero therapy method is incredibly effective, easy to learn, grounded in solid scientific research—and most of all, fun. This book proves that getting stronger and happier can be a creative, intriguing, and thrilling journey. I am a huge fan of this book! It has worked for so many people—and I am confident it can work for you.”

—Jane McGonigal, PhD, author of SuperBetter and Reality is Broken

“Her origin story is strong and her lesson is stronger. In Superhero Therapy, Janina Scarlet shows that a fear or weakness does not make a hero any less heroic, and that we all can be heroes both for ourselves and for others. Pain can be power. This fascinating resource can help therapists find ways to open dialogue with clients who are not ready to talk about their own lives, but might discuss the same issues through fictional examples. It is also a self-help book offering guidance for those who have trouble finding a path through life’s troubles. Superhero Therapy is a must-read with a valuable message, and there is no one better to share that message than Scarlet.”

—Travis Langley, PhD, author of Batman and Psychology
and editor of Star Wars Psychology

  1. A Hero’s Journey Begins With A Struggle
  2. Avoiding The Monsters Make Them Stronger
  3. Training Your Mind To Be A Hero’s Mind
  4. Your Superhero Self
  5. The Superhero Values
  6. The Defusion Charm
  7. The Ultimate Weapon: The Sword Of Willingness
  8. Setting Up Your Secret Lair With Self-Compassion
  9. Taking Superhero Action Steps
  10. Leveling Up In Life
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