Stop That Angry Thought Game

74 Situation and Response Cards
Item Number: 8404


Grades 2-12. Here’s a deck of cards that teaches children how to manage their anger. This card game is designed for 2 to 4 players. It teaches students how to stop anger in its tracks by using two internal dialoging techniques—Thought Stopping and Self-Talk. While playing cards, students learn to envision a STOP sign whenever their anger is triggered, and to replace their angry thoughts with more positive responses.

This card game can be used to play either of two familiar games—Concentration or Go Fish. The deck includes 37 pairs of cards. Each pair includes a situation card and a corresponding response card. As students react to hypothetical situations that might normally trigger anger, they see a red stop sign on each response card—a cue to stop the angry thought and come up with a better alternative.

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