Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child

People Skills: Doing 'em Right!
17 minutes
ISBN: 9780878225897
Item Number: 4962

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For student viewing—features a Skillstreaming session in progress in which group leaders model a skill; and then students role play the skill, receive feedback from other group members, and choose homework assignments.

The on-screen narrator helps student viewers understand what is expected in the group, points out the many benefits of using the skills, and motivates students to become more actively involved in the group.

In order to implement this training program, you will need the program book, which contains the complete skills curriculum and necessary training procedures:

Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child: A Guide for Teaching Prosocial Skills

The preview features selected scenes from the 17-minute program.

NOTE: The video and audio have been compressed for web delivery. The actual product has higher quality video and audio.

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