Hidden Treasure of Assets Game

Grades 3-12
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Designed for 2-6 players, the Hidden Treasure of Assets Game contains two sets of game cards: one for grades 3-6; and one for grades 7-12.

The game helps youth learn about the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets (building blocks of healthy development). The game cards provide realistic, age appropriate examples of using the Assets and of the consequences of risk-taking behaviors. Students are asked to respond to questions about how positive and negative behaviors relate to their own lives.

Created by experienced educators, this is a easy-to-use prevention tool for teachers, counselors, special educators, and youth workers. The game includes a laminated game board, playing pieces, Developmental Assets literature, discussion questions, and 125 game cards.

Customer Comments

“We LOVE this game! It really teaches the concept of Assets in a way that helps people really get it.”

Suzanne Trummer, Watertown Unified School District, Wisconsin

“It really relates to life because things on the cards really do happen. . . . I thought it was good because there were issues on it that are very close to what teenagers go through. . . . Very good game! Makes you think about the decisions you make in real life. . . . It shows that there are consequences to everything.”

Students, Barron Middle School, Wisconsin

“I use the Hiddlen Assets Game in my developmental guidance groups. It truly is a great teaching tool. Recently eight seventh grade students played the game with me for three half-hour sessions and they were able to identify the Assets they and others had. . . . they really seemed to grasp an understanding that they can have some power in their lives to help themselves and their friends to become successful people.”

Kate Rorabeck, Somerset Middle School, Wisconsin

“We bought a couple of your Asset games at the Healthy Communities/Healthy Youth conference and enjoy them so much!”

Ellen Moore, Elkhart Community Schools, Indiana


Through extensive research the Search Institute has identified the following 40 building blocks of healthy development that help young people grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.


      1. Family Support
      2. Positive Family Communication
      3. Other Adult Relationships
      4. Caring Neighborhood
      5. Caring School Climate
      6. Parent Involvement in Schooling


      1. Community Values Youth
      2. Youth as Resources
      3. Service to Others
      4. Safety


      1. Family Boundaries
      2. School Boundaries
      3. Neighborhood Boundaries
      4. Adult Role Models
      5. Positive Peer Influence
      6. High Expectations


      1. Creative Activities
      2. Youth Programs
      3. Religious Community
      4. Time at Home


      1. Achievement Motivation
      2. School Engagement
      3. Homework
      4. Bonding to School
      5. Reading for Pleasure


      1. Caring
      2. Equality and Social Justice
      3. Integrity
      4. Honesty
      5. Responsibility
      6. Restraint


      1. Planning and Decision Making
      2. Interpersonal Competence
      3. Cultural Competence
      4. Resistance Skills
      5. Peaceful Conflict Resolution


    1. Personal Power
    2. Self-Esteem
    3. Sense of Purpose
    4. Positive View of Personal Future
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