Gangs in Schools

Signs, Symbols, and Solutions
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780878223824
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Written by noted authority Arnold Goldstein and gang expert Donald Kodluboy, this book is an essential resource for educators and administrators who are concerned with gang presence or the possiblity of gang presence in their schools and communities.

Gangs in Schools describes the most effective gang prevention and intervention strategies currently available. It presents a comprehensive plan for maximizing school safety and includes a helpful checklist on how to recognize early gang presence in schools.

Figures and Tables
Introduction: Youth Gangs in the United States
Part 1: Gangs Come to School
  Chapter 1 District, School, and Classroom Characteristics
  Chapter 2 Signs and Symbols
  Chapter 3 Becoming a Gang Member
  Chapter 4 Ethnic Gangs
  Chapter 5 Gang Violence
Part 2: Effective Interventions
  Chapter 6 Desirable Program Characteristics
  Chapter 7 Controlling the School Environment
  Chapter 8 In-School and Community Enrichment Solutions
  Conclusion: A Future Perspective
Name Index
Subject Index

Figures and Tables

  Gang Distribution in the U.S.
  Multipurpose Gang Graffiti
  Gang Initials: West Side S.G. Crips
  Gang Name: 30's Blood Gang
  Gang Symbol: Latin Kings
  Posted: No Trespassing
  Wall of Heaven: Tears of a Clown
  Wall of Hell: Bogus Boy Killer and Mickey Cobra Killer
  Graffiti Wall with Numerous Cross-outs
  Upside Down Gang Symbol: Latin Kings
  Bishops Hand Sign
  Gangster Disciples Hand Sign
  West Side Gang Hand Sign
  Hand Sign of Crip Gang
  Hand Sign of Blood Gang
  Oriental Ruthless Boys Tattoo
  Crips Tattoo
  Gangster Disciples Tattoo
  Lao Boyz Cap
  Los Angeles Gang Jackets
  Gangster Disciples Nation T-Shirt
  Girls' Vice Lord Toy Jewelry
  Sample Letter to Inform Parents/Guardians
    of Possible Gang-Related Activity
  Sample Letter to Inform Parents/Guardians
    of Graffiti Vandalism
  Sample Protocol for Gunfire and Building Intruders

  Contrasting Definitions of 'Gang'
  Definitional Distinctions
  Gang Assessment Tool
  Purposes of Gang Graffiti
  Purposes of Gang Hand Signs
  Purposes of Gang Tattoos
  Common School Dress Code Targets
  The Skillstreaming Curriculum for Adolescents
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