Exposure Therapy for Treating Anxiety in Children and Adolescents

A Comprehensive Guide
Pages: 364
ISBN: 9781626259225
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Written by a team of clinicians specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents, this professional guide offers a comprehensive, practical resource for implementing exposure therapy when treating children and adolescents with anxiety.

Each chapter is devoted to tailoring exposure work to a specific anxiety-related condition, such as separation anxiety, phobias, panic, social anxiety, and more, using a variety of creative exposure ideas and activities.

In Exposure Therapy for Treating Anxiety in Children and Adolescents, you’ll find detailed hierarchies and clinical suggestions for treating each specific childhood anxiety condition, including separation anxiety, school refusal, selective mutism, specific phobia, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and emotion tolerance. The book also offers an overview of exposure therapy and its implementation in children and adolescents, including a review of current research and empirical findings on this approach.

With this book, you’ll also find solid strategies for conducting detailed clinical assessments, so you can gain a greater understanding the specific anxiety triggers and factors that play a role in the development of and maintenance of the child’s problem, and learn how this information can be used to guide you in your development of specific exposure exercises. Finally, you’ll find tips on how to assess for family variables that may contribute to the maintenance of the child’s condition, as well as ways to work with parents in becoming effective coaches for their children during exposure-based activities.

Children are vastly different than adults in their treatment needs and in the process through which effective therapy is implemented. If you’re looking for clear, practical guidelines for designing, adapting, and implementing specific exposure exercises for your young clients, this book provides everything you need in one place.


Exposure Therapy for Treating Anxiety in Children and Adolescents is a must-read for every therapist working with anxiety and related disorders. This incredibly well-organized guide will become every new and experienced cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) clinician’s go-to resource for creative and effective exposure planning. Brimming with innovative, specific, and easy-to-implement exposure ideas, the authors have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind book that contains every essential piece of information that a clinician needs to successfully plan and implement exposure-based treatment for childhood anxiety. Based on the most empirically supported approach to addressing anxiety, this guidebook will empower and fuel clinicians to provide the most effective treatment possible.”

—Bonnie Zucker, PsyD, author of Anxiety-Free Kids and Take Control of OCD; co-author of Resilience Builder Program for Children and Adolescents, Relaxation and Self-Regulation Techniques for Children and Teens, and Relaxation and Wellness Techniques.

“Written by a group of clinical experts, this brilliant book pulls together practical, creative, and evidenced-based strategies to help anxious youth face their fears. It is a rich resource for all clinicians. The authors demystify one of the most difficult components of treatment for pediatric anxiety disorders—namely, conducting exposures—and provide helpful, step-by-step guidance for clinicians. This book contains a wealth of clinical wisdom, creative suggestions, case examples, and sample scripts that will be indispensable for clinicians who work with anxious youth.”

—Golda S. Ginsburg, PhD, professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine


  1. The Nature of Childhood Anxiety and Why Exposure Works
  2. Clinical Assessment of Child Anxiety
  3. Parental Involvement and Accommodation
  4. Setting the Stage for Exposure Work
  5. Structuring and Implementing Exposure Sessions
  6. Adaptations for Specific Client Populations
  7. Exposure for Panic Disorder
  8. Exposure for Separation Anxiety
  9. Exposure for School Phobia
  10. Exposure for Specific Phobia
  11. Exposure for Selective Mutism
  12. Exposure for Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  13. Exposure for Social Phobia
  14. Exposure for Obse·ssive-Compulsive Disorder
  15. Exposure for Emotion Tolerance
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