The EQUIP Implementation Guide

Teaching Youth to Think and Act Responsibly through a Peer-Helping Approach
Pages: 180
ISBN: 9780878224609
Item Number: 5134

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The implementation guide was produced in response to the needs of busy practitioners and provides a collection of reproducible program forms, student handouts/ worksheets, and guidelines for group leaders and administrators.

This user-friendly guide is designed to enhance implementation of an EQUIP training program. A copy of the EQUIP program book is required to conduct the program.

It presents step-by-step guidelines for conducting Mutual-Help and Equipment Meetings and for training and motivating staff and group members. It is also useful in developing a comprehensive program statement and in establishing successful operating procedures.

Section One: Implementation Materials

  • Administrator’s Forms
    • Basic Program Requirements Checklist
    • Comprehensive Program Statement Outline
    • List of Operating Procedures

Section Two: Assessment and Individual Performance Plan

  • Participant Handout: Individual Performance Plan

Section Three: Mutual Help Meetings

  • Participant Handouts
    • Problem Names
    • Thinking Errors
    • Problems and Thinking Errors Daily Log
    • Ground Rules
    • Parts of the Mutual Help Meeting
    • Your Turn: Parts of the Mutual Help Meeting
    • Life Story Meeting
    • My Life Story
    • Release/Discharge Meeting Questions
  • Coach’s Mutual Help Meeting Overview
  • Observer’s Report and Critique of Mutual Help Meetings

Section Four: Equipment Meetings

  • The Equipment Meeting Curriculum in a Nutshell

Section Five: Anger Management/Thinking Error Correction

  • Session 1: Equipper’s Guidelines: Evaluating and Relabeling Anger and Aggression
    • Participant Handout: Evaluating and Relabeling Anger and Aggression
  • Session 2: Equipper’s Guidelines: Anatomy of Anger (AMBC)
    • Participant Handouts
    • Self-Talk Anger Reducers
    • Anatomy of Anger (AMBC)
  • Session 3: Equipper’s Guidelines: Monitoring and Correcting Thinking Errors
    • Participant Handouts
    • Gary’s Thinking Errors
    • Problems and Thinking Errors Daily Log
    • Positive Behaviors Daily Log
  • Session 4: Equipper’s Guidelines: More Anger Reducers
  • Session 5: Equipper’s Guidelines: Thinking Ahead to Consequences
  • Session 6: Equipper’s Guidelines: Using “I” Statements for Constructive Consequences
  • Session 7: Equipper’s Guidelines: Self-Evaluation
  • Session 8: Equipper’s Guidelines: Reversing
    • Participant Handouts
    • Things I Do to Aggravate Others
    • Reversing
  • Session 9: Equipper’s Guidelines: More Consequences for Others/Correcting Distorted Self-Views
    • Participant Handout: Victims and Victimizers
  • Session 10: Equipper’s Guidelines: More Correction of Distorted Self-Views/Grand Review
    • Participant Handout: The Mind of a Victimizer
  • Equipper’s Review and Self-Evaluation Form

Section 6: Social Skills Training

  • Participant Handouts
    • Social Skills Role-Playing
    • Social Skills Practice Form
  • Equipper’s Guidelines/Participant Handouts
  • Skill 1: Expressing a Complaint Constructively
  • Skill 2: Caring for Someone Who Is Sad or Upset
  • Skill 3: Dealing Constructively with Negative Peer Pressure
  • Skill 4: Keeping Out of Fights
  • Skill 5: Helping Others
  • Skill 6: Preparing for a Stressful Conversation
  • Skill 7: Dealing Constructively with Someone Angry at You
  • Skill 8: Expressing Care and Appreciation
  • Skill 9: Dealing Constructively with Someone Accusing You of Something
  • Skill 10: Responding Constructively to Failure
  • Equipper’s Review and Self-Evaluation Form

Section 7: Social Decision Making

  • Equipper’s Guidelines: The Martian’s Adviser’s Problem Situation
  • Participant Handouts
  • Session 1: The Martian’s Adviser’s Problem Situation
  • Session 2: Jerry’s Problem Situation
    • Mark’s Problem Situation
  • Session 3: Jim’s Problem Situation
  • Session 4: Alonzo’s Problem Situation
    • Sarah’s Problem Situation
  • Session 5: George’s Problem Situation
    • Leon’s Problem Situation
  • Session 6: Dave’s Problem Situation
  • Session 7: Juan’s Problem Situation
  • Session 8: Sam’s Problem Situation
  • Session 9: Reggie’s Problem Situation
  • Session 10: Antonio’s Problem Situation
  • Equipper’s Review and Self-Evaluation Form

Final Equipment Meeting: Up or Down?

  • Equipper’s Guidelines: Up or Down?
  • Participant Handout: Up or Down?
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