Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training with Adolescents

A Practical Workbook for Therapists, Teens and Parents
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781937661373
Item Number: 8657

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This workbook introduces a complete skills training manual for DBT with adolescents, focused on practical application for teens, parents and therapists, all in one comprehensive manual.

Part One covers DBT for teens with comprehensive and age-relevant skills explanations, examples, and applied worksheets. Eich makes the skills real for teens with exercises that get them practicing new behaviors in real-life situations. Includes teaching pages for all four DBT skills training modules.

Part Two is a dedicated focus to parents with pertinent information on DBT, parenting, and common teenage developmental issues, as well as, skills written to get parents using them individually, in connection with their children, and as a part of the family system. This section not only emphasizes that DBT skills can be used for anybody and everybody, but also that parents need to be active and involved for an effective change process.

Part Three is crafted for therapists, with practical strategies on how to conduct DBT programming, tips to navigate dialectical dilemmas with adolescent developmental tasks and behaviors, and advice to balance therapy with parental involvement. Part Three also contains suggestions to teach the skills in active and experiential ways along with helpful sample forms, handouts, and worksheets.


“Dr. Eich has written an exceptional manual on DBT for an adolescent population. She has captured the spirit of working with this challenging population and has effectively modified the approach to make the material accessible and engaging. She provides resources for the teen, the family, and the therapist. As a national trainer on DBT, I will be referencing this work in all of my seminars. This manual is a must-own for all practitioners working with teens.”

—Mark Carlson, PsyD, author of CBT for Chronic Pain and Psychological Well-Being: A Skills Training Manual Integrating DBT, ACT, Behavioral Activation and Motivational Interviewing

Table of Contents
Part One: DBT for Teens xvii
Dialectics 1
Mindfulness Module 3
States of Mind 4
The “What” Skills 10
Observe, Describe & Participate: Put It Together 12
The “What” Skills: Keep It Going 13
The “How” Skills 18
One Mindfully 20
Effectively 22
Distress Tolerance Module 26
Crisis Survival Skills 27
Wise Mind ACCEPTS 28
Self Soothe 30
IMPROVE the Moment 31
Half-Smile 33
Creative Outlet 34
Accepting Reality Skills 38
Pros & Cons 39
Radical Acceptance 41
Turn the Mind 42
Willingness & Willfulness 44
Emotion Regulation Module 46
Emotions: The Basics 48
Why Do We Have Emotions? 49
Primary & Secondary Emotions 50
The Big Picture of Emotions 52
Be an Emotions Detective 55
Build Mastery 61
Just Act 62
Give Myself Credit 63
Build Positive Experiences 65
Opposite to Emotions 68
Feel Your Feelings 70
Interpersonal Effectiveness Module 74
Interpersonal Skills: The Basics 80
Balance Independence & Support 81
Balance Priorities & Demands 84
Ways to Practice Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills 85
Attend To Relationships 86

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