In Memoriam: Gerald “Jerry” Roy Patterson

Gerald R. Patterson

Research Press sadly notes the passing of Gerald “Jerry” Roy Patterson (July 24, 1926-August 22, 2016), author of Living with Children.

Author Spotlight: Relaxation and Wellness Techniques Audio CD

Relaxation and Wellness Techniques

Dr. Bonnie Zucker, coauthor of Relaxation and Wellness Techniques, discusses the many health benefits that may be realized from listening to her relaxation audio CD in this exclusive interview.

Bullying Prevention Expert Stan Davis: Words Hurt

Bullying prevention expert and author Stan Davis discusses how words can interfere with learning and safety.

Resilience Builder Program: Author Spotlight

Rsilience Builder Program for Children and Adolescents

Dr. Mary Karapetian Alvord, author of Resilience Builder Program for Children and Adolescents: Enhancing Social Competence and Self-Regulation, discusses her book in an extensive interview detailing the practical and accessible components of RBP designed for counseling professionals working with children and adolescents.

New from Research Press: A Strengths-Based Approach for Intervention with At-Risk Youth

Research Press Publishers is excited to announce the release of A Strengths-Based Approach for Intervention with At-Risk Youth. Designed for counseling professionals working with at-risk adolescents, the book’s activities focus attention on what is right with youth rather than what is wrong with them, the strengths-based approach avoids negative outcomes commonly associated with problem-based interventions.

Research Press Author Mary Alvord Awarded Research Grant

The Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health has awarded two research grants this year to study the effectiveness of a resilience-based group therapy program in a school setting and the benefits of group therapy for adopted children with behavioral problems and their parents.


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