Little Peacemakers

Little Peacemakers
A Step-by-Step Guide for Training Elementary-Age Mediators
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Little Peacemakers: A Step-by-Step Guide for Training Elementary-Age Mediators


Conflict is a way of life—something we cannot avoid. In the classroom or other group settings, these conflicts take time away from learning and can try the patience of even the most seasoned teacher. But there is an alternative: mediation. By teaching mediation skills to elementary school children, we demonstrate creative and constructive ways to handle conflicts and empower them for a lifetime.

Little Peacemakers provides a step-by-step framework for training classroom mediators who help peers resolve a problem and arrive at a peaceful solution. Classroom mediators are highly effective in helping other students solve nonphysical disagreements through a series of simple steps.

The eight-week curriculum consists of 30-minute, hands-on lessons that teach problem solving, active listening, and brainstorming and how to apply those skills to mediation.

  • Part 1: Ready, Set, Go introduces students to the concepts and skills of mediation.
  • Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect focuses on role-playing activities that let children put their skills to use.
  • Part 3: Getting Parents/Guardians Involved provides information and tips for family members.

Two CDs accompany this book. One provides forms, handouts, and other reproducible materials for the program. The other contains The Mediator Rap, a song that helps students memorize the steps of the mediation process.

Table of Contents
Part I: Ready, Set, Go!
Session 1
Activity 1: Preliminary Lesson About Peaceful Resolution of Conflict
Activity 2: Introduction to Little Peacemakers and the Mediator Handbook
Activity 3: Qualities of Mediators
Session 2
Activity 1: Good Listening Skills
Activity 2: Mediator Responsibilities
Activity 3: Brainstorming
Session 3
Activity 1: Repeating (Paraphrasing)
Activity 2: Cooling Off
Activity 3: The Mediator Script and the Mediator Rap
Part II: Role-Playing—Practice Makes Perfect
Session 4
Role-Playing Scenarios
Session 5
Making Suggestions
Session 6
Handling Refusals to Cooperate
Session 7
Mediator Discipline
Session 8
Choosing the Classroom Mediators and Wrapping It Up
Part III: Getting Parents/Guardians Involved
Bringing Mediation and Conflict Resolution Home
Old Woman/Young Woman
Classroom Mediator Schedule
Letter #1 to Parents/Guardians
Letter #2 to Parents/Guardians
Role-Play Scenarios for Mediation
Fairy-Tale Mediators™
The Case of Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Case of Jack and the Beanstalk
The Case of the Three Little Pigs
Mediator Certificate
Why I Want to Be a Classroom Mediator
Teacher Report Card
Mediator’s Classroom Conflict Report
About the Authors