The Tough Kid Tool Box

The Tough Kid Tool Box
Managing and Motivating Tough-to-Teach Students
Middle School
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The Tough Kid Tool Box: Managing and Motivating Tough-to-Teach Students (cover)

New edition available spring 2020.


The Tough Kid Tool Box supplies ready-to-use, classroom-tested materials to help motivate and manage even the toughest-to-teach students. Together in one convenient place, you will find forms, reproducibles, hints, and explanations to help you implement effective behavior management strategies such as: Mystery Motivators, Home Notes, Self-Monitoring Forms, Behavioral Contracts, Tracking Procedures, Unique Reinforcers, and Classroom Interventions. The Tough Kid Tool Box provides complete step-by-step instructions so you can use the tools immediately. The access code for downloading reproducibles in English and Spanish is located within the book.

User Comment

"I cannot imagine consulting with teachers or delivering direct services without the wealth of innovative, comprehensive, and sound approaches that characterize The Tough Kid Tool Box."

Susan M. Sheridan, Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Table of Contents
  1. Mystery Motivators
    • Steps for Implementing Mystery Motivators
    • Troubleshooting Mystery Motivators
    • Making Mystery Motivators Even Better
    • Mystery Motivators Reproducible Tools
  2. The Home Note Program
    • Steps for Implementing a Home Note Program
    • Troubleshooting Home Notes
    • Making Home Notes Even Better
    • Importance of Classroom Behaviors Form
    • Home Note Reproducible Tools
  3. Self-Monitoring Programs
    • Steps for Implementing a Self-Monitoring Program
    • Troubleshooting Self-Monitoring
    • Making Self-Monitoring Even Better
    • Self-Monitoring Reproducible Tools
  4. Behavioral Contracting
    • Steps for Implementing Behavioral Contracting
    • Troubleshooting Behavioral Contracting
    • Making Behavioral Contracting Even Better
    • Cautions With Behavioral Contracting
    • Behavioral Contracting Reproducible Tools
  5. Tracking Procedures
    • Steps for Implementing Tracking Procedures
    • Troubleshooting Tracking Procedures
    • Making Tracking Procedures Even Better
    • Tracking Procedures Reproducible Tools
  6. Unique Reinforcers
    • Reinforcer Menus
    • Spinners
    • Chart Moves
    • Lottery/Raffle Tickets
    • The Yes/No Program
    • Point Systems
  7. General Interventions
    • The What If? Chart
    • Classroom Behavior Bingo
    • The Advertising for Success Program
    • The Classroom Activity Schedule
    • Classwide Peer Tutoring
    • Behavioral Observation