The Tough Kid Book

The Tough Kid Book
Practical Classroom Management Strategies
Second Edition
Middle School
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The Tough Kid Book: Practical Classroom Management Strategies (cover)

New edition available early 2020.


Constant and intense aggression, arguing, tantrums, noncompliance, and poor academic progress—these are characteristic of the Tough Kid. You can’t "cure" Tough Kids, but you can use proactive, positive techniques to manage and motivate them. Effective management will help Tough Kids succeed in school. This book is recommended for regular and special education teachers, counselors, instructional coaches, and any educator who wants effective and positively focused classrooms. Learn how to structure your classroom to ensure success for Tough Kids and use practical techniques for managing difficult students. This second edition features an all-new chapter on returning Tough Kids to the general education classroom and includes the Teacher Pleaser Social Skills and Teacher's Expectation Programs. The access code for downloading reproducibles is located within the book.

Table of Contents
  1. What Does a Tough Kid Look Like?
  2. Unique Positive Procedures
  3. Practical Reductive Techniques for the Classroom
  4. Advanced Systems for Tough Kids
  5. Getting Tough Kids Back to General Education Settings
  • Appendix A: Individual Skill Cards
  • Appendix B: The Tough Kid Teacher Pleaser Social Skills Program