The Shyness Workbook for Teens

The Shyness Workbook for Teens
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Adolescence is a crucial time for learning to deal with shyness and overcoming the pain and difficulty it can cause. This hands-on workbook is a valuable resource for counselors who work with shy teens in schools and other settings. The authors help teens understand the nature and dynamics of shyness, and explain how teens can achieve happiness by learning to be "successfully shy." Through a series of 30 user-friendly lessons, teens will discover ways to control their shyness instead of letting it control them. The lessons will help them in establishing friendships and intimate relationships, pursuing educational and career opportunities, and fostering personal and family relationships over a lifetime.

Each lesson is divided into four elements:

  • What You Need to Know—core information about a particular area of shyness.
  • Your Turn—self-directed activities, quizzes, and inventories to help examine individual shyness issues.
  • Voices—personal stories shared by other shy teens.
  • Journal—a reflective writing activity.

Book Review

"This workbook contains 30 lessons designed to help teens learn how to deal successfully with their shyness. Readers may use it as a self- help manual or when working with professionals such as school counselors. Each lesson presents some information about a particular aspect of shyness, followed by self-assessment questions, insights from other shy teens, and a journaling exercise."

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