The Self-Control Workbook

The Self-Control Workbook
Exercises to Control Inattention, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity
Middle School
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The Self-Control Workbook: Exercises to Control Inattention, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity


A companion to The Self Control Game, this spiralbound workbook includes mini-stories and fill-in-the-blank exercises. Students will learn how to replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk to manage their behavior.

Table of Contents
  1. Acting Too Independently
  2. Cooperating With Others
  3. Failing to Complete Tasks
  4. Completing Tasks
  5. Doing Things Out of Sequence
  6. Doing Things in Sequence
  7. Ignoring Rules
  8. Following Rules
  9. Answering Questions Without Thinking
  10. Thinking Before Answering Questions
  11. Needing Immediate Satisfaction
  12. Putting Off Satisfaction
  13. Being Careless
  14. Being Careful
  15. Acting Without Thinking
  16. Thinking Before Acting
  17. Being Easily Distracted
  18. Avoiding Distractions
  19. Daydreaming
  20. Concentrating
  21. Not Listening
  22. Listening
  23. Not Working Independently
  24. Working Independently
  25. Not Following Directions
  26. Following Directions
  27. Forgetting to do Things
  28. Doing Things Without Reminders
  29. Losing Things
  30. 15Keeping Track of Possessions
  31. Giving Up Too Easily
  32. Persisting in Difficult Tasks
  33. Fidgeting
  34. Not Fidgeting
  35. Disturbing Others
  36. Not Disturbing Others
  37. Not Sitting Still
  38. Sitting Still
  39. Doing Dangerous Things
  40. Behaving Safely
  41. Not Calming Down
  42. Calming Down
  43. Being Destructive
  44. Taking Care of Things
  45. Interrupting Others
  46. Not Interrupting Others
  47. Not Working and Playing Quietly
  48. Working and Playing Quietly
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The Self-Control Game

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