The Helper's Journey

The Helper's Journey
Working with People Facing Grief, Loss, and Life-Threatening Illness
Mental Health Professional
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The Helper's Journey: Working with People Facing Grief, Loss, and Life-Threatening Illness


This highly respected work, written for both professionals and volunteers, combines an inspiring view of helpers and helping with a focus on meeting the personal, interpersonal, and team challenges of caring for people facing grief, loss, and life-threatening illness. It teaches specific skills and strategies for stress management, effective helping communication, interdisciplinary teamwork, and increased personal and professional growth. Sensitively exploring the inner world of helping, this award-winning book includes numerous case examples and verbatim disclosures that powerfully convey the joys and sorrows of the helper's journey.

Book Reviews

"The Helper's Journey will make you not only a better caregiver, but a healthier one. Its pages are filled with a unique blend of appropriate research coupled with practical suggestions for understanding yourself and being a better caregiver."

—Paul V. Johnson, Caregivers Quarterly

"The reader does feel as though he or she is on a journey, a beautiful, validating, educational, and enriching one....A well-researched, outstanding book that should be read by hospice personnel, nurses, therapists, bereavement counselors, and all who function as helpers in their professional and volunteer lives."

—Enid S. Topchick, Omega

"...a tremendous resource for anyone in a caring profession."

—Pamela Anderson, Nursing & Health Care

Table of Contents
Part I Exploring the Inner World of Helping
Chapter 1 The Helper in Us All
Chapter 2 The Challenge of Caring: Emotional Involvement in Helping
Chapter 3 Finding the Balance: Managing the Stress of Caregiving
Chapter 4 Secrets: Concealment and Confiding in Helping
Part II The Interpersonal Challenge
Chapter 5 The Helping Relationship
Chapter 6 Healing Words: Communication Skills for Helping
Part III Creating Caring Systems
Chapter 7 The Caring Team
Chapter 8 The Collective Caregiver: Toward a Caring Society
Appendix: A Self-Diagnosis Instrument for Burnout