The Good Kid Book

The Good Kid Book
How to Solve the 16 Most Common Behavior Problems
Middle School
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The Good Kid Book: How to Solve the 16 Most Common Behavior Problems


An easy-to-read book for parents who need immediate help with specific child behavior problems. This is one of the clearest and most practical parenting resources available. Each of the 16 chapters is a self-contained behavior guide with detailed, step-by-step procedures for helping children overcome a particular behavior problem. Includes checklists and record-keeping forms.

Book Reviews

"Bedtime, sibling arguments, homework, and other eyes in the hurricane of family conflict receive the precise attention of clinical psychologist and educator Howard N. Sloane in his practical and elaborate regimen for geting kids 3 to 13 years old to do what you tell them to do."

—Irene Wood, CHADDER

"Author Howard Sloane's advice is refreshingly direct and matter of fact. . . The book should be a useful addition to any family library. Teachers and day care workers will also find it interesting and helpful."

—Dorothy Cutrell, The Provident Bookfinder

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Because I Said So
Chapter 2: Snacks, New Foods, and Clean Plates
Chapter 3: Not Till Your Room's Clean
Chapter 4: No More Whining
Chapter 5: Stop That Fighting, Arguing, and Teasing
Chapter 6: Helping with Homework
Chapter 7: Dealing with Dawdling
Chapter 8: A Bedtime Story
Chapter 9: Stop Interrupting
Chapter 10: Oh, Those Chores
Chapter 11: What About Bedwetting
Chapter 12: My Turn! My Turn!
Chapter 13: Good Grooming
Chapter 14: Shouting, Tantrums, and Talking Back
Chapter 15: Shyness
Chapter 16: My Child Never Tells Me Anything
Chapter 17: Conclusion
Reference Guide to Behavior Problems