Temper Tamers

Temper Tamers
An Eight-Session Anger Management Pull-Out Program
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Temper Tamers: An Eight-Session Anger Management Pull-Out Program


An anger management program for students (grades 1-6) who have trouble controlling their emotions. During the program, students learn appropriate coping strategies for managing anger. Each step-by-step session includes teacher scripts, stories, learning activities, and homework assignments. The book features 27 pages of detailed facial expressions illustrating a wide range of human emotions. Includes numerous student handouts and worksheets. Also includes three easy-to-use IEP reproducible pages that can be added to any behavioral program for students with special needs.

Table of Contents


  1. Feelings—five stories (Best Friend's Birthday, Tanika's Grandma, Home Alone, Tony's Present, Fishing Trip), feelings handout, three feeling flashcards, blank faces page, and homework sheet.
  2. Uncomfortable Feelings—four stories (What's the Hurry? Elaine Can't Catch a Break, Michael's New Puppy, Lost Spelling List), homework sheet.
  3. Angry Feelings—three stories (Broken Horse, Jasmine's Worksheet, The Backpack), What Makes Us Mad worksheet, Boy and Girl coloring handouts.
  4. Stop Escalating—two stories (Allen and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Super Hungry Pabitra), Thinking Step handout, activity sheet, Stoplight handout, homework sheet.
  5. Plan of Action—two stories (Jacob Keeps It Cool, Alicia the Brat), game board and scenario sheets, homework sheet.
  6. Carry Out Plan—two stories (Tyrone and the Bully, The Reading Contest), activity and scenario sheets, homework sheet.
  7. Assertiveness—two stories (Charles Keeps His Cool, The Trouble with Younger Brothers), homework sheet.
  8. Review Get Rid of Angry Energy—six stories (The Loud Teacher, The Dirty Nail Polish, Bad Friends, The Cheater, Fat Picture, Not Fair), Stop Light and assertiveness sheets.

Appendix—27 full-page illustrations of "Feeling Faces" emphasizing facial features of expression: calm, loving, happy, proud, excited, hyper, surprised, shy, bored, worried, confused, lonely, disappointed, upset, embarrassed, sad, mad, annoyed, stressed, frustrated, scared, rejected, jealous, nervous, guilty, furious, relieved.