Impulse Control—for Middle School Students

Impulse Control—for Middle School Students
Activities & Worksheets
Grades 6-8
Middle School
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Impulse Control—for Middle School Students: Activities & Worksheets


Grades 6-8. Using cognitive-behavioral theory and techniques, this book provides tools for teaching students how to stop and think before acting, and how to be more reflective (vs. impulsive). Activities include games, role-plays, and worksheets to help engage students while they learn invaluable lessons about using self-control techniques. The book provides specific, creative activities and worksheets to use with groups or individual students. Lessons address the multiple areas are affected by impulsivity such as academics, emotions, problem-solving, social skills, and romantic relationships.

Table of Contents
  1. Impulsivity: What the Heck Is It and How in the World Do I Control It?
    • Impulses in Context
    • In the Doghouse with Impulses
    • Think about the Consequences
    • Benefits of Impulse Control Scramble
    • Rating My Impulse Control
    • Impulse Control Remote Control
  2. Schoolwork: Slow and Steady Wins This Race—Really!
    • Get to Know Your Impulses
    • The Road to Success
    • Slow your Roll
    • Cheer Yourself on
    • Searching for Impulse Control
  3. Problem-Solving: Problem? What Problem?
    • Rating My Problem-Solving
    • Identify the Problem
    • Brainstorming
    • What do I Need?
    • Problem-Solve this
  4. Decision-Making: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
    • Piece of Cake
    • Sooo Many Choices
    • Which Path to Take
    • Now and Later
    • Don´t Forget Your Dreams
    • Is It Worth It?
  5. Mood Management: Master of My Emotional Universe
    • Benefits of Mood Control
    • Making Mountains out of Molehills
    • Stinkin´ Thinkin´
    • Thoughts → Feelings
    • Distractions
    • Dealing with it
  6. Anxiety: Don´t Be a Worry Wart
    • The Many Faces of Anxiety
    • Rate Your Anxiety
    • Pick a Winner
    • Talking Yourself Down
    • Learning How to Cope
  7. Anger: Is Temper-Taming Anything Like Lion-Taming?
    • On Target with Anger
    • When I get Angry
    • Explore your Options
    • Weigh It Out
    • Remember Your Tool Box
  8. Empathy: How Can I Walk in Someone Else´s Shoes Without Getting Athlete´s Foot?
    • Reading Others Feelings
    • Identifying Others´ Feelings
    • Imagine
    • Rating My Empathic Behaviors
    • Choosing Empathic Statements
    • Lending a Helping Hand
  9. Social Skills: Keeping It Friendly
    • Making Others Feel Important
    • Social Skills Evaluation
    • What does it Mean? Reading Social Cues
    • Evaluating a Friendship
    • Listening to Body Language
    • Build-a-Friend
  10. Boundaries: Living and Coloring Within the Lines
    • Boundary Word Search
    • Invisible Boundaries
    • STOP and GO
    • Boundary Crossings
    • Finding the Rule
  11. Peer Pressure: Staying Strong When Others Try to PEERsuade Me
    • Peer Pressure Crossword
    • Pump it Up!
    • Think it Out!
    • "No" isn´t a Bad Word
    • Examining My Resistance to Peer Pressure
  12. Boyfriends and Girlfriends: Is It Love or Is It Drama and Chaos?
    • Loves Me, Loves Me Not
    • What is Real Love?
    • Gossip or Sharing Information?
    • Don´t Control or Be Controlled
    • Making Those Difficult Decisions


  • Pros and Cons
  • Cognitive Distortions
  • Anxiety Situation Cards
  • Anger Situation Cards
  • Peer Pressure Situation Cards
  • Break-up Situation Cards
  • Stepping Stone
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