How Not To Be a Bully Target

How Not To Be a Bully Target
A Program for Victims of Childhood Bullying
Grades 3-6
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How Not To Be a Bully Target: A Program for Victims of Childhood Bullying


Children are often afraid to attend school in fear of being bullied. This practical program helps students learn how to avoid being the target of bullies. The book features a 15-episode story in the life of Mya McGreggor, a fifth grade student who is a victim of verbal and physical bullying. Teachers can read the episodes aloud or make copies for their students to read. The stories help children appreciate and tap into their inner-strengths as they learn to value themselves and realize that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Readers also find that positive self-regard is a quality that they can and must nurture. It is the key to not becoming a bully target. Activities are included for building self-confidence, changing negative thoughts and patterns, and encouraging kindness, empathy, and acceptance.

Table of Contents
  1. The Bullied Life Begins—Two Girls on a Mean Streak
    • Respect Tags
    • Your Collection of Respect Tags
    • Words that Act like Corrosives
    • Bon Voyage Corrosive Thoughts
    • Respect Tags for the Teacher
  2. A Prime Candidate for Being Bullied—The Cooking Lesson
    • Picture, Picture on the Wall
    • Redefine Yourself
    • List Your Bests
    • Be a Cook
  3. The Ambush—The Girls go at it Again
    • Crying the Blues
    • Toss Away the Blues
    • Have a Class Sharing
    • Kindness Collage
  4. Mya Befriends Mrs. Chinkley—The Hot Chocolate Saved Her
    • Forgive Past Cruelties
    • Forgive the Past
    • Negative/Positive Flashcards
    • Positives Only
  5. Self-Absorbed—Slippery Momma
    • Summarize Your Best Qualities
    • Big Impression
    • Big Impression Letter
    • Thankful List
  6. Mya's Fearful Day—Reading Connections
    • Planning a Powerful Speech
    • Writing a Powerful Speech
    • Delivering Your Speech
    • Grading Rubric for Speeches
  7. Everyone Deals with Bullies—On the Job at Chinkley's
    • Dream Escape
    • The Senses
    • Draw It
    • Write About It
  8. The Big Lie—Mrs. Chinkley Has Something up Her Sleeve
    • Good Riddance
    • The Bully-Proof Vest
    • Both Sides of the Story
    • Stop Bullying Forever
  9. The Rescue—Finally Some Kindness
    • Make Someone Feel Good
    • You've Done a Nice Thing
    • Solve the Mystery Words
    • Friendship Notes
  10. Someone New to Bully—New Boy
    • You are a Math Whiz
    • Understanding Mathematics
    • Committees for New Students
    • Join a Committee
  11. Second Playground Attack—Steven Gets Even
    • Deserving Journal
    • Celebration Day
  12. Rumors—Something Strange
    • Let's Play Gossip
    • Gossip Discussions
    • Stop the Gossip Club
    • Make a Contract
  13. The Plan—Mya's Mission
    • Make a Plan
    • Detective Work
    • Beat the Cheater
  14. There's a Small Problem—At the SPCA
    • SPCA Drive
  15. Kindness Wins Out—Meowy Saves the Day
    • Creating a Kindness Palace