Getting to Know You!

Getting to Know You!
A Social Skills Curriculum for Grades 6-9
Middle School
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Getting to Know You!: A Social Skills Curriculum


Includes 73 lessons for teaching social skills in seven areas: classroom skills, interpersonal relationships/friendships, identifying and expressing feelings, relieving stress, making decisions, replacement skills for aggression, and self-acceptance. The curriculum is built around the recommended best practices of establishing the need, modeling the skills, role playing the skill with feedback, and generalizing the skill through easy-to-teach, uniform format activities. Includes reproducible student handouts.

Table of Contents

Classroom Skills

  1. Being Prepared for Class
  2. Ways to be Organized
  3. Listening
  4. Study Habits
  5. Following Oral Directions
  6. Completing Assignments on Time
  7. Ignoring Distractions
  8. Interrupting
  9. Cooperative Working with Others
  10. Taking Notes
  11. Taking Tests
  12. Focusing on School

Friendship Skills

  1. Seeking Positive Attention from Peers
  2. Joining in a Group or Clique
  3. How to Survive the Social Triangle
  4. Gossip and Put-downs
  5. Apologizing
  6. Responding to Teasing and Name Calling
  7. Making and Keeping a Friend
  8. Respecting Others' Property
  9. Should I Join a Clique, Gang, or Club?
  10. Note Passing
  11. Girls and Boys in Adolescence—Recognizing the Differences in Making Friends
  12. Respecting and Trusting Yourself Helps Others to Respect and Trust You

Expressing Feelings

  1. Showing Your Feelings
  2. Understanding the Feelings of Others
  3. Knowing What You Are Feeling
  4. Expressing Sympathy
  5. Making Positive Statements
  6. Listening to Other's Problems—What Next?
  7. Emotional Rollercoaster—Welcome to Adolescence

Relieving Stress

  1. Dealing with Fear
  2. Dealing with Anxiety
  3. Handling Group or Peer Pressure
  4. Stating a Complaint
  5. Responding to a Complaint
  6. Sportsmanship
  7. Defending a Friend
  8. Being Left Out
  9. Responding to Failure
  10. Handling Threats
  11. How to Relax and Deal with Stress
  12. Dealing with Physical Changes

Making Decisions

  1. Whose Problem Is It?
  2. Making Good or Bad Decisions
  3. Applying My Abilities in a Positive Way
  4. Gathering Information
  5. Goals—Help You Survive Beyond Today
  6. Getting Results by Prioritizing
  7. Problem Solving

Handling Aggression

  1. Using Self-Control
  2. Avoiding Fights
  3. Avoiding Trouble with Others
  4. Responding to Intimidation
  5. Expressing Anger in Appropriate Ways
  6. Negotiating/Compromising
  7. Handling Feelings of Anger and Sadness
  8. Signs of Depression
  9. Troubled Adolescents—What to Look For and What to Do
  10. Grieving


  1. Staying Positive About Myself
  2. Making Mistakes—A Way to Grow
  3. Handling "Put Downs"
  4. Doing Your Best
  5. Put Ups
  6. Handling the Ups and Downs
  7. Be Yourself—Acceptance By Others
  8. Accentuate Your Strong Points
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